PSA: Verizon’s Free Apple Music Subscription Isn’t Available for the Grandfathered ‘Verizon Plan Unlimited’

BY Evan Selleck

Published 18 Jan 2019

Verizon's Apple Music logo

Verizon and Apple have collaborated on a nice deal for Apple Music subscribers, with the carrier opting to cover the cost of a monthly subscription for some.

That started as a six-month free stretch for all Verizon customers on compatible devices. In that case, after six months was up the carrier would simply charge the $9.99 per month to the bill directly. However, we learned earlier this month that Apple and Verizon had finalized a deal to offer Apple Music as a free add-on for unlimited customers, with the initial announcement saying that “Above Unlimited”, “Beyond Unlimited”, as well as customers using a grandfathered unlimited plan called the “Verizon Plan Unlimited”.

However, now that the deal is officially available, it turns out that is not exactly the case. It is accurate that Apple Music is available as a free add-on for customers of the aforementioned Above and Beyond Unlimited plans, but it is not available for customers that are still using the grandfathered unlimited plan. Both the Verizon Plan Unlimited customers, and customers that are on the “Go Unlimited” (Verizon’s cheapest unlimited plan) can only use six months of free Apple Music before they are then charged the $9.99 per month subscription cost.

Per Verizon, emphasis ours:

Customers with Go Unlimited or The Verizon Plan Unlimited: After the 6 months free, your Apple Music subscription will be billed $9.99/mo. You may cancel at any time.

Customers with Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited: Apple Music subscription is now included as long as you retain the qualifying plan and Apple Music is offered by Verizon. Taxes apply.

Apple Music is limited to customers with qualifying Smartphones subscribed to qualifying Unlimited Plans. Cancel anytime through, My Verizon Online or the My Verizon App.”

This is just a head’s up for anyone who might have been excited to attach their Apple Music subscription to their Verizon account to save some money on a monthly/yearly basis. This writer definitely falls into that category, so it’s a bit of a bummer that grandfathered unlimited plan customers –who are saving money by not switching to one of the newer individual unlimited plans– can’t take advantage of this deal.