Verizon Wireless is offering up to $650 to help you get ‘unstuck’ from another carrier

BY Evan Selleck

Published 28 Dec 2015

Verizon Wireless logo

The one thing that all the carriers can agree on in the United States, is that they don’t want subscribers to be on another network. That’s why switching promos exist.

Verizon Wireless has recently launched a new promotion that is aimed at enticing subscribers on other networks to switch over to the Big Red instead. It should cover any customer that has a phone payment plan, or might even have an early termination fee (ETF), thanks to a hefty amount doled out through a prepaid card. To take part in the offer, you’ll need to switch over your number to Verizon from the other carrier, and also trade in your device to get a Verizon-branded handset.

Once you send in your device, you’ll get a prepaid card in the mail a few weeks later. That card can hold up to $650 to help pay for whatever remaining balance you have on your old, traded-in device. Or, if you have an ETF that is still looming, the card will hold up to $350. You’ll also need to send Verizon a confirmation of your final bill (with all the costs associated with it) to Verizon, as well as the email order confirmation from the new phone you ordered from Big Red. There’s a promo code, too: 54-456, which you need to enter into the site here.

You need to keep the line activated with Verizon for six months. If you cancel before then, the carrier could charge you that “promotional reimbursement,” which means they could charge you up to $650.

Do you think you’ll take advantage of this promotion? Or did you already use Sprint’s latest $650 promo and switch over to the Now Network?

[via Verizon Wireless]