Weatherboard brings Weather Themed Animated Wallpapers to iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

BY Cody

Published 6 Feb 2014


One of the really cool things we saw introduced in iOS 7 is dynamic wallpapers. But, with stock iOS 7 we don’t get much variety when it comes to selecting one. We did get a glimpse of what dynamic wallpapers can do when we reviewed iDynamic, but in my opinion, Weatherboard is in a league of it’s own.With Weatherboard, you’re given 42 different weather themes to choose from and each of those 42 themes are given a “night” and “day” condition depending on what time of day you want the weather to take place. You are given a preview of the animated wallpaper before applying it and you can set the home screen and the lock screen individually just like any other wallpapers.


To get this:

  • Open Cydia
  • Search for “Weatherboard” and download
  • Open Settings >Weatherboard and toggle it on (It will require a respring)
  • Select Day or Night condition
  • Choose a wallpaper



The screenshots really don’t do the tweak justice since it can’t show the animations in motion. I recommend checking out the video tutorial of it right here:

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Keep in mind that this tweak will be using more battery than if you have a static wallpaper, so if you’re worried about battery life you may not want to make the leap in getting this just yet. Also, there is a bug with the status bar when you have these wallpapers set. You can see in the screenshots above that on the lock screen they completely overlap one another and on the home screen/preview you can see the bluetooth indicator on the right hand side is behind the battery percentage.  Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update. The developer, Allan Kerr, also plans to add location based weather wallpapers and improved battery life in the coming weeks.

Weatherboard is $1.49 in the BigBoss repo

My favorite is the “Severe Thunderstorm”  which is yours? Let us know in the comments!