YouTuber and Friends Recreate the Beautiful macOS Big Sur Wallpaper

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Jul 2020

With every new release of macOS, Apple tends to release a new default system wallpaper as well. The release of macOS Big Sur is no different, with the new wallpaper offering a stunning look at Big Sur itself. The “crack marketing team” at Apple behind such wallpapers obviously goes to great lengths to capture them. So, exactly how hard can it be to recreate the macOS Big Sure wallpaper? YouTuber Andrew Levitt went on an adventurous journey with two of his friends to do exactly that.

It is clear that Apple’s team took the primary shot for the macOS Big Sur wallpaper from a helicopter and the three friends did the exact same thing as well. Why not simply use a drone? Well, because one is not allowed to fly drones on the coast of Big Sur and the drone will struggle to reach that high of an altitude. Co-incidentally, when trying to find a helicopter pilot, they ended up finding the same pilot who piloted the helicopter for Apple’s marketing team shoot.

The entire video definitely makes for a fun watch and shows the great lengths that not just the three friends but likely Apple’s marketing team also went to capture the default Big Sur wallpaper. The first attempt by the YouTuber did not go as planned due to a dense cover of clouds, but they managed to get the desired shot the second time around. The video also shows just how beautiful Big Sur as a location is. Apple’s ‘crack marketing team’ definitely selected the right place for the naming scheme and the default wallpaper.

The end result? Pretty darn impressive for sure. You can download the macOS Big Sur wallpaper recreated by the YouTuber from here.