1Password Users Are Unhappy With 1Password 8 for Mac Being Based on Electron

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Aug 2021

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The 1Password team recently announced the beta release of 1Password 8 for Mac. This is a brand new and completely revamped app for macOS, which 1Password claims offers a notably superior experience compared to the existing app. However, the redesigned Mac app has not gone too well with existing 1Password users because it is based on Electron.

1Password’s current Mac app is a native one and not based on Electron. The redesigned app, however, is based on the Electron framework. This is beneficial for AgileBits as it will have to maintain a single shared codebase for 1Password across all platforms.

The problem is that Electron apps might look good, but they don’t offer the same user experience as a native Mac app. They are riddled with issues, hog resources, and offer a poor user experience.

A perfect example of this is the Slack app for Mac, which is based on Electron. While it is a functional app, it just does not feel as polished as a native Mac app. It also tends to crash frequently and consume a lot of RAM for no reason at all.

1Password 8 for Mac

The 1Password team hosted an AMA on the 1Password subreddit to answer questions surrounding the new app. However, they have been hammered with comments from disappointed 1Password users who are furious about the switch to an Electron-based app.

Ironically, 1Password users who tried out the early access Mac app have complained about poor performance, while 1Password in its announcement says the new app is “incredibly responsive.”

1Password user u/xmanuw had this to say about 1Password 8 for Mac:

This is a huge step back in all aspects sadly. I was really hyped when I read the announcement, but after trying the app out for 5 minutes I uninstalled it again. This usually never happens to me, but this rewrite looks and feels like cheap non native crap and doesn’t improve on any pain points but introduced loads more new ones:

  • Why is the default shortcut gone?

  • Why does the app use soooo much more memory?

  • Why do I have to use a slimmed down version of „1Password for Safari“, that has its own settings and is a pain to set up right?

  • Why does the whole App feel completely non native (well I guess it isn’t native anymore😟)?

  • Why are local vaults and iCloud sync gone?

I really find it quite the stretch to boast about performance when the performance is worse. Also the new design is hyped but it isn’t better in a lot of places…

It is a really steep fall after having high hopes for 1PW 8 for Mac

u/M_Okojo says:

Please reconsider Electron. 1Password 7 for Windows uses 55MB of memory (according to my task manager). Whereas when I tried out 1Password 8 it used triple that before I even logged in. Please keep in mind that 1Password is a program that is always running in the background.

The thread is filled with over 250+ comments from disappointed and angry 1Password users who have already started looking at alternatives if 1Password decides to go ahead and release this Electron-based app.

1Password has a loyal and strong community of users that have long acted as its brand ambassador and promoted it heavily among friends and family.

If 1Password truly cares about its community, it might just have to reconsider its decision of launching 1Password 8 for Mac as an Electron-based app. Otherwise, it could risk losing out its passionate and most vocal adopters.