Third-Party Apps Promise to Hide the Notch on New MacBook Pros

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 25 Oct 2021

Apple has stoked a controversy by introducing notch on the new MacBook Pros. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are arriving for customers tomorrow. We are already seeing a slew of third-party apps that promise to hide the notch. TopNotch is one such app from the creators of CleanShot X.

Apple claims the notch is a “really smart” way to offer more space for content despite the hate. On the brighter side, MacBook Pro reviewers claim that notch is not a deal-breaker. In fact, it is something most of us will get used to. The MacBook Pro display is closer to the edge, and thus Apple added a notch to include a camera and other sensors.

TopNotch seems like a decent app to hide that pesky notch. It claims to “make the notch disappear” by turning the menu bar. Interestingly Apple themselves add a black bezel on the top of the display while using apps in full-screen mode. The idea in itself is not novel, but i=t does offer the choice of hiding notch.

TopNotch supports multiple displays and spaces. Furthermore, it also works well with the macOS Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers. The app runs in the background and automatically optimizes for new wallpapers. The best part is that TopNotch is a free download and a feather-lite application.

Our Take

Display notch is not exactly an exciting feature to look forward to. Users were disappointed when Apple introduced notch on the iPhone X. Fast forward to today, and you won’t see many complaining about iPhone’s notch. The biggest disappointment is that Apple added a notch on MacBook Pro without adding Face ID.