Apple May Launch a 7th-Generation iPod touch; 2019 iPhones Rumored to Adopt USB-C

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Jan 2019

iPod touch 6th generation

Apple may be ready to make some big changes in 2019, including a revitalization of an aging brand, and the adoption of a oft-requested port.

According to a report on Monday from Mac Otakara, based on information gathered by the publication from unnamed sources, Apple “might” be on the way to launch a brand new, seventh-generation iPod touch. For those keeping track, the last time Apple updated the iPod touch lineup was in the middle of 2015, so it has been several years now. Unfortunately, while the report indicates the company may be working in this direction, there is no word on when Apple might actually launch the device — if it exists at all.

Apple discontinued the iPod shuffle back in 2017, which has left the iPod lineup up in the air as the public has waited to see what might happen to it. Apple hasn’t seemed to keen on the idea of refreshing the lineup recently, aside from storage capacity changes in 2017 to the iPod touch lineup.

If that’s not enough for you, then the report also includes a change in the 2019 iPhone lineup that might be worth hoping for. The sources say Apple is ready to adopt USB-C in the iPhone lineup, and that this year’s models will indeed take on the new port. This is not the first time this rumor has cropped up, so depending on how often it keeps showing itself between now and September, it may actually start to seem realistic.

So, what do you think of these possibilities? If Apple does launch a new iPod touch this year, would you buy one? And is it about time Apple adopts USB-C for the iPhone?

[via Mac Otakara]