Developer Gets CarPlay Working on Tesla Using Android

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 17 Jan 2022

Tesla Model 3

Tesla doesn’t support Apple CarPlay on its cars. So, one Tesla Model 3 owner ironically resorted to using Android on a Raspberry Pi to get CarPlay up and running.

Polish iOS developer Michał Gapiński proudly showcased Apple CarPlay working on the central display in his Model 3. He isn’t the first to do this but his workaround is implemented using a Raspberry Pi running custom Android-based firmware paired to an LTE modem and a Wi-Fi access point.

The Tesla’s web browser is then fired up to connect to the Pi’s access point and show a CarPlay interface on the Tesla’s display. In the video demo shared on Twitter, all the apps work as they should, and the car’s steering-mounted controls interact with the system as well. However, the web browser appears to make the interface seem lethargic, at times.

The Tesla owner and iOS developer claims that the project is in the early stages, but he intends to make it available to the masses upon completion. His next steps are to make the user interface more fluid and responsive by improving the Wi-Fi connection between the Raspberry Pi development board and the car.

Most modern cars have Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto baked in from the factory. Despite being a highly requested feature, Tesla hasn’t included Apple’s system despite its popularity in the US, a prime market it shares with the iPhone maker. The feature has now become the carmaker’s Achilles heel because rivals such as Porsche’s Taycan and BMW’s i4 and iX offer integrated CarPlay and access to other Apple services such as Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.

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