Apple Expands End-To-End Encryption to iCloud Device Backups and More

BY Sriansh

Published 8 Dec 2022

iCloud Encryption Backup Announcement

Apple has announced a new optional feature called Advanced Data Protection that adds end-to-end encryption to most of the iCloud services, including iMessage, Device Backup, Photos, and more.

Previously, Apple offered end-to-end encryption for only 14 data categories within iCloud. Now, with the launch of  Advanced Data Protection, Apple now offers end-to-end encryption for various iCloud services, including photos, notes, voice memos, reminders, Safari bookmarks, and device backups. According to Apple, calendars and mail are not encrypted because they must “interoperate with global email, contacts, and calendar systems.”

At launch, Advanced Data Protection will be opt-in only, meaning that users will have to enable the feature in their device’s settings manually. While it’s likely that the feature will eventually be enabled for everyone, it’s still in the early stages of implementation.

“Advanced Data Protection is Apple’s highest level of cloud data security, giving users the choice to protect the vast majority of their most sensitive iCloud data with end-to-end encryption so that it can only be decrypted on their trusted devices”

If you choose to enable Advanced Data Protection, it means that no one, including Apple, will be able to access the encrypted data. The only way to access the data will be through one of your trusted Apple devices, such as your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This added layer of security ensures that your data remains safe and protected.

You will be prompted to create a recovery contact or recovery key when you enable the Advanced Data Protection feature. In case you lose access to your devices in the future, you will need to use this recovery contact or a recovery key.

Lastly, Apple has also confirmed that it has ceased work on a controversial system designed to identify child sexual abuse material on users’ iPhones. The company had faced a backlash over privacy and security concerns.

Source: Apple