Apple Rumored to Launch Low-Cost iPad with A12 Chip This Year

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 15 May 2020

Apple could be preparing to launch a new 10.2-inch iPad refresh this year with an A12 chip inside. The company had refreshed its cheapest $329 iPad last year in September but that was a minor refresh as it only bumped the display size to 10.2-inch and added a Smart Connector.

This year refresh is going to be a bit more substantial as Apple is planning on using a more powerful A12 chip inside the device. This would make the 2020 10.2-inch iPad refresh notably more powerful than the 2019 model which features an A10 Fusion chip. The 2018 model also had the same A10 Fusion chip.

There have not been any rumors or leaks related to the 10.2-inch iPad refresh so far. Reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did claim that Apple is working on a 10.8-inch iPad that could launch in late 2020 or early 2021.

The $329 iPad is popular among students due to its low price tag. Since it also supports Apple Pencil and the Smart Connector, it is an ideal device for many students and young creators. Despite the A10 Fusion being a very powerful chip, it is getting a bit old in the run and an upgrade to the A12 chip will definitely make an impact. Apple has been refreshing its low-cost iPad every year so a refresh this year is certainly possible. The A12 chip had first debuted inside the iPhone XS and iPhone XR in 2018. Despite being 1.5 years old, the A12 is still among the fastest mobile chips in the market right now.

Are you looking forward to Apple launching a $329 iPad with A12 chip?