Apple’s September 14 California Streaming Event Features Portal Styled AR Logo

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 7 Sep 2021

Every year iPhone launch is marked with much fanfare and anticipation. This is the time of the year when most of us wait eagerly for the new iPhone. Earlier today, Apple dropped an invite for the “California Streaming” event for September 14th. The event webpage features an iPhone with an AR Logo. Tapping the logo will reveal an AR Apple logo that moves in real-time and can be captured alongside real-world objects.

Accessing the AR logo is quite easy. All you need to do is open the event webpage on iPhone or iPad. Next up, tap on the AR logo, and this will open the camera viewfinder. Ensure that the area has adequate lighting. Now you will get to see a starry AR Apple logo with a silver outline. Walk past the logo and you will get to see the event date set with a backdrop of the lake. Furthermore, the Apple logo is designed so that it looks like a portal to the “future” event.

Apple has a tradition of creating easter eggs and AR designs before the event. The invites and logos are often cryptic and signs of what to expect from the upcoming event. Users can also download the animation file and play it on Quick Look.

At the first look, the logo looks static. However, once you move your iPhone through the logo, you will see a scenic image and a lake and mountains at nightfall. You will also see the event date, i.e. “9.14”, in the design. Apple has changed the format for the event invite AR logo. Previously the company used USDZ files and is now using .reality. In other words, you can download the .reality file and view it in 360-degree AR.

Apple’s upcoming “California Streaming” event will be centred around iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch Series 7. Want to know more? Check out our roundup of confirmed iPhone 13 features.