Apple Can Now Repair iPhone X’s Face ID without Replacing the Entire Device

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 6 Apr 2022

Apple iPhone repair unsplash

Late in February, we reported that Apple was working on a way to repair Face ID on iPhone without requiring a replacement of the whole device. At the time the iPhone X was not on the internal list of compatible devices. A recent report claims that the phone is now compatible with the new Face ID repair.

Based on information in an internal Apple memo, MacRumors reports that the iPhone X is now included on the list of devices compatible with the new Face ID repair program. In all fairness, it was a shame Apple initially excluded the very device that introduced Face ID to the world. Its inclusion means iPhone X owners will now be able to get Face ID repaired faster, for cheaper, and with fewer replacement parts.

In case you aren’t familiar, Apple launched a program last month so Apple Stores and authorized repair centers could access replacement parts for the TrueDepth camera system required for Face ID to work correctly. The biggest benefit was that when devices came in for repair, technicians could simply swap out the TrueDepth camera system instead of replacing the whole back end of the phone.

Now, the program supports the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and newer models — essentially all the phones with Face ID. Do you think Apple should have made Face ID repair cheaper from the get-go? Tell us in the comments.