iPhone X Users Are Complaining Of Reduced Battery Capacity, Faster Battery Drain

BY Asif Shaik

Published 26 Dec 2019

Apple iPhone X

The Batterygate scandal still seems to haunt Apple as many iPhone X users are reporting reduced battery capacity and complaining of a higher battery drain.

It has been two years since Apple launched the iPhone X, and the phone now seems to offer reduced battery life to various users. According to the company’s statements, an iPhone’s battery should retain a 20% lower capacity after 500 charge cycles. However, some users are reporting shorter battery life even with over 80% battery capacity left.

Some users on Reddit state that the iPhone X, which they bought on the first day of the phone going on sale, has close to 90% battery capacity left but they are now noticing relatively shorter battery life. Some iPhone Xs series users seem to have a similar problem.

It is to be noted that battery life and battery capacity vary a lot from user to user, and it all depends on smartphone usage and charging habits. Users who have erratic charging habits seem to have shorter battery life compared to day one of their iPhone X purchase.

The Batterygate scandal involved iPhones shutting off even with around 30% charge left in the battery, and it was due to reduced battery health on older iPhones. Apple then clarified that a battery with degraded health may not provide enough power in certain scenarios when a processor needs a power surge. The company faced more than 32 class action lawsuits regarding this issue.

The iPhone maker then released a software update that clearly indicated the battery’s health in the Settings menu. It also offered a feature that would let the phone continue to be powered on even if the battery health is lower than what’s prescribed. The company also reduced the price of replacing the iPhone’s battery from $79 to $29.

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