Apple Identifies Touch Issues with iPhone 11, Launches Replacement Program for Display Module

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Dec 2020

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Apple has identified an issue with the display module of a small batch of iPhone 11 units that could lead to them having touch issues. The affected units were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020. The company has launched an iPhone 11 Display Module replacement program for this issue.

If you have been experiencing touch issues on your iPhone 11, you can head over to the program’s website and enter your device serial number to check if it is a part of the program or not. Apple notes that this program is only for the iPhone 11, with no other iPhone model being eligible. If your iPhone 11 is a part of the program, your next step should be to contact Apple Support or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to get your device serviced. Make sure to backup all the data on your iPhone before handing it over to Apple for servicing.

For iPhone 11 units with a cracked display or any other damage that hinders the display module replacement, customers will be required to get that issue resolved by paying for that repair from their own pocket. In case you have already paid for a similar repair for your iPhone 11, you can contact Apple for a refund.

The program will cover affected iPhone 11 units for two years from the date of their retail purchase, though it does not extend the standard warranty of the device in any way.

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