Apple Will Reportedly Unveil its TV Guide at ‘Hello Again’ Event

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Oct 2016

New Apple TV with Siri Remote

Apple is still working on revolutionizing the TV experience, and rumors have it that one way to do that is to change up the interface when it comes to guides.

Recode reports that at its upcoming “Hello Again” event, which is set to take place on Thursday, October 26, the company will unveil its brand new universal TV guide for the Apple TV. With it, Apple hopes to make it easier than ever before to find content, all in one, easy-to-read location.

The guide will aggregate content from a variety of different content providers, which includes TV shows and movies. This will make the process of skipping between apps to find content easier, hopefully, unless you plan on using it for Netflix. The report states that Netflix will not be a content partner at launch. The feature will also be available in iOS-based devices as well, not just tvOS-based set-top boxes.

Interestingly enough, while Netflix is named specifically for its exemption from the guide, it does not name any content providers that will be part of the guide at launch. Nor does the article outline just how the new TV guide will be presented, or accessible, on iOS. It does mention the Single Sign-On feature that Apple initially unveiled with the reveal of tvOS 10, which allows for users to quickly sign into all of the cable-locked content providers with just a single sign-in. That feature has yet to arrive, and the report indicates it could be unveiled tomorrow, along with the new TV guide.

As it stands, while the Hello Again event is mainly targeted at bringing attention back to the Mac lineup, it also seems like Apple has a bit more to share while on stage.

[via Recode]