LiberTV Jailbreak Released for Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.0 – 10.1

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 3 Mar 2017


In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been hearing rumors of an upcoming jailbreak for Apple TV 4 by iOS researcher Jonathan Levin. The tool has been in beta for a while to iron out all the issues and make it as stable as possible, but today marks its day of release. The jailbreak has been finally released to the public for Apple TV 4.

Known as LiberTV, this jailbreak has been developed for Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.0 – 10.1. The jailbreak takes advantage of the exploits used by the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10. Apparently, many of the exploits used by the Yalu jailbreak are also present in tvOS 10.0 – 10.1, thereby making this jailbreak possible.

As of this writing, the LiberTV jailbreak supports tvOS 10.0 – 10.1, but an update is in the works for supporting tvOS 9.1. As for tvOS 10.1.1 (the latest version), it is not supported yet and there’s currently no information whether a jailbreak for this firmware will be made available or not.

Just like the Yalu jailbreak for iOS, LiberTV is a semi-tethered jailbreak which means that you have to re-jailbreak using the LiberTV jailbreak app every time your Apple TV reboots. Additionally, the jailbreak doesn’t install Cydia as Saurik has to make the required changes so that it supports tvOS 10.0 – 10.1.

Apparently, it takes a couple of tries before the jailbreak can be installed successfully on your Apple TV. Therefore if it fails for the first or second time, do not give up and keep on retrying. Once installed successfully, the jailbreak is capable of disabling auto-updates and comes with the Dropbear SSH client installed.

It is important to note that nitoTV doesn’t support this jailbreak yet and could cause issues, therefore you have to avoid installing it. An update is in the works and should be released very soon.

If you own an Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10.0 – 10.1, you can download the LiberTV jailbreak from here and install it using Cydia Impactor. We will post a guide soon on how to use the LiberTV jailbreak with Apple TV 4.