Apple Watch apps begin populating the App Store leading up to launch

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Mar 2015

Apple Watch app updates

The Apple Watch will officially go up for pre-order on April 10, but it won’t go on sale until April 24. Leading up to that date, developers are preparing their apps accordingly.

As a result, many apps are starting to receive the updates necessary to support the upcoming wearable. As of this writing, several different apps have landed in the App Store with updates supporting the Watch, including popular apps like Evernote, Things, Target, and others. It’s expected that even more apps will continue to roll out as the days go on, with plenty of support being available for the device when it becomes available later next month.

Many of the apps that are available for the Watch will be redesigned to work specifically on the smaller displays, like the developers behind the weather app, Dark Sky, have noted in the app’s update changelog. Functionality will vary from app to app, of course, like Evernote’s ability to dictate notes right on the wearable. Users will even be able to get reminders from the Watch as well.

For those who don’t remember, the Apple Watch app is bundled with the iPhone app, because the iPhone is actually powering the app and the user interface is actually extended onto the Watch. There will be apps that run explicitly on the Watch itself, but for now it’s a bundled effort.

Here’s a list of the apps that are available right now with Apple Watch support, courtesy of MacRumors:

    Evernote – Users can dictate notes, get reminders on to-do tasks that are due, and see recently created/updated notes.

    Sky Guide – Displays a calendar of upcoming astronomical events, like the full moon, meteor showers, and eclipses. Also sends notifications when an event is about to happen nearby and gives alerts when the International Space Station is flying over you.

    Dark Sky – Displays Dark Sky’s weather information on your wrist.

    Target – Lets you build a shopping list on your Apple Watch, and tells you where to find items in the store. Also has a glance view for seeing when a local store is open, how many items are on a list, and what deals are available.

    Things – Things has been updated with Apple Watch support, but the developers have not divulged what the Apple Watch app will be able to do.

    NYTimes – The New York Times’ iPhone app gained Apple Watch support, and while there’s no info in the release notes, Apple has previously shared that you’ll be able to swipe through breaking news and short stories, use Handoff to read articles on your iPhone or iPad, and use “Save for Later” to build a reading list.

    Procreate – Procreate turns your Apple Watch into a remote control and color palette for painting on the iPhone. You can select brush, eraser, and effects, and perform tasks like undoing and redoing from your watch.

    WeChat – WeChat lets you read and reply to messages with text or stickers, read Moments from your friends, and make friends through Friends Radar.

    SPG Starwood – This app for Starwood Hotels & Resorts lets you unlock your door from your Apple Watch, get directions to the hotel, check in, and see reservation details.

    Kitchen Stories: – Lets you discover recipes on your wrist, make and view shopping lists, and set timers to time baking and cooking.

    Redfin – This real estate app will display nearby listings with photos of homes, prices, number of bedrooms, square footage, and more. You can dictate notes into the app and share info with family members. There’s also an option to contact a real estate agent to schedule a tour directly from the watch.

    Line – Messaging app Line has gained Apple Watch support, but the company has not elaborated on what you can do with the app.

    Babbel – Language app Babbel is available on the Apple Watch, and will let you discover new words, unlock words by visiting different locations, and complete practice exercises to learn new vocabulary.

    Yahoo Tourney – This fantasy app lets you see team overviews at a glance, get breaking news notifications, and check scores on your wrist.

    ECB Cricket – ECB Cricket’s Apple Watch app displays live matches, offers scorecard information, delivers notifications after a Force Touch to enable them, and has a glance view for getting a quick look at scores.

    The Wall Street Journal – The Wall Street Journal’s app delivers top news stories, alerts on when breaking news is posted, and market data.

Do you plan on picking up an Apple Watch when it launches?

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