The Best Apps for your new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 30 Dec 2014

Best iPad Apps

Got a new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3? Here are some of our favorite iPad apps that’ll help you make the most of your shiny new device.


Manage your passwords and other sensitive information like bank account info, credit card numbers etc. securely with 1Password. It is the first app that I install on any new iOS device, as it makes it easy to setup the various email accounts and services. It is important to use different and complex passwords for the services you use online, which was unthinkable before I started using 1Password. I can’t recommend 1Password enough.

Download link – Free ($9.99 for Pro features)


Unlike the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t come with a Calculator. So if you’re looking for a calculator app then PCalc is the best app available in the App Store. It is more than just a calculator, as it also allows you to do currency conversions, can be used as an optional RPN Calculator and lots more. One of the most powerful feature is customizable layouts, which gives you the ability to remove buttons and add new ones which have their own calculations. For example: you could add a custom button to convert from USD to GBP, convert celsius to fahrenheit etc. If you’re someone who always needs a calculator at your fingertips, then you will be able to do most of your calculations without having to open the app, and even from the Lock screen without unlocking your iPhone using the handy Today widget. At $9.99, it may seem expensive, but I can assure you that you’ll get your money’s worth whether you’re a scientist, engineer or student.

Download link

Pcalc Lite – free

➤ Pcal – $9.99

Yahoo Weather

Weather app is another one that does not come pre-installed with the iPad. Yahoo Weather is one of the most beautiful weather apps available in the App Store. It makes clever use of photographs of your current location from Flickr as the background. More often than not, it also seems to use a photograph that reflects the current weather condition. You can swipe up to see the detailed forecast, including hourly and daily forecast, wind speed, precipitation etc. You can also check the current weather conditions from any app using the gorgeous Today widget. The best part is that it is available for free.

Download link – Free


Clear is a simple to-do app and reminder app, which comes with an intuitive gesture based user interface, iCloud sync and is made for iPhone and iPad.

Download link – $2.99


Fantastical is an awesome alternative to the stock Calendar app for the iPad with support for natural language text entry (“Meet Bob for dinner tomorrow at 8”) which is quite awesome, reminders, background updates and more. It also includes a gorgeous Notification Center widget for iOS 8.

Download link – $3.99


After being a fan of Reeder for several years, Unread is my new favorite RSS reader for the iPhone and iPad. It comes with a clean interface with support for a variety of RSS services like Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, Newsblur and Fever. It also offers themes to make it easy , and the ability to share or export your content to a number of sharing services.

➤ Download link – Free ($4.99 to read unlimited articles and unlock additional themes)


Todoist is my favorite task management app. Besides the ability to create tasks, set priorities and add labels, you can also search through tasks, attach notes and files, and even receive location-based reminders so you complete to-dos when you’re in the area (perfect for picking up your dry cleaning). The app even handles basic language parsing when setting due dates (terms like ‘tomorrow’ and ‘every day’ are understood correctly).

Download link – Free, but advanced features are only available with a Premium plan ($29/year)

Twitter Official app

If you’re using the iPhone, then it easy to recommend Tweetbot, but not for the iPad despite having features like timeline sync, due to lack of an update for iOS 7 or iOS 8. Twitter has updated the UI of the official client for iOS 7, and has added new features such as Cards, the ability to share multiple photos and GIFs, check analytics and lots more, make it the best option for the iPad.

Download link – Free


Overcast is my favorite podcast app. The Smart Speed feature that shortens silences is quite cool and innovative, and ensures that you don’t waste time unnecessarily. The Voice Boast feature normalizes volume across all shows using a combination of dynamic compression and equalization. You can also create custom playlists, and sort them based on your priority, so you can listen to your favorite podcast first. You can also It also helps you find new podcasts, and get recommendations from people you follow.

Download link – Free (features like Smart Speed and Voice Boast can be unlocked using $4.99 in-app purchase)


Nuzzel is my favorite news app currently. It connects to your Twitter account, and tells you which are most shared links in your timeline by the people you follow. It’s a lot easier than scrolling through your timeline, and a great way to discover new content, especially if you’re following people from different walks of life.

➤ Download link – Free


Drafts is an interesting take on note taking. I have started using it only recently, and loving it. It is a great way to capture a thought, idea or any kind of note, and the iOS 8 Share Extension now makes it even more easier to capture text from the web and other apps.  You can share text to any app or service, or use advanced features such as custom actions to send email, messages, create reminders & events, post to Twitter, Facebook and so much more with a single tap.

➤ Download link – $4.99


Pocket is my favorite read it later app, and iOS 8 Share extension has made it even more easier to save articles from any app.

Download link – Free


Workflow is a clever new app that was released last month that makes it easy to automate processes. You can do things like create a gif, make pdfs from Safari, order a pizza, order an Uber to go home, get directions to your favorite coffee shop with a single tap using actions that are included in the app, or create your own custom action.

Download link – $2.99


Have you ever wanted to copy and paste a link, quote or some text, only to find out you’ve already overridden the clipboard with something else? Then Clips will ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Clips is a clipboard manager. It makes it easy to copy or move text between apps with the custom extension and third-party keyboard. It saves me a lot of time.

Download link – Free [$1.99 to upgrade to Pro, which unlocks the ability to save unlimited clips from the clipboard]


Storehouse is a great way to create visual stories right on your iPad to share with your friends. You can import photos and videos from your camera roll, Instagram, Dropbox etc to create a story. The user interface and the animations make it a delight to use the app. It is also won Apple’s Design award in 2014.

Download link – Free


Shazam has been an all-time favorite ever since it was released in the App Store in 2008. Even though Apple has integrated the song recognition feature in iOS 8, I still think it is worth downloading the standalone app, as it gives you tons of features such as the ability to listen to the song you’ve tagged on your favorite music streaming app such as Spotify, Rdio etc or watch the video on YouTube.

Download link

Shazam – Free

Shazam Encore – $6.99

TuneIn Radio

If you like listening to radio, then you should check out TuneIn Radio. It not only lets you listen to your local radio stations, but you can listen to radio stations in other cities as well. You can stream from over 100,000 radio stations around the world.

Download link – Free (with in-all purchase)


TeeVee is a great app to keep track of your favorite TV shows, so you know when the next episode of your favorite show will air. It can remind you of the start times of your favorite TV show using push notifications, or with the Today widget.

➤ Download link – $2.99

That’s a wrap for now! I have not included apps for services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox etc, as you probably already know about them.

While the list includes apps that were released prior to 2014, some really useful and innovative iPhone and iPad apps were released in 2014. I can’t wait to see the apps that will be released in 2015, as iOS evolves with new APIs in iOS 9, WatchKit and more.

Let me know your favorite iPad apps in the comments below.

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