Speed test: iPad Pro vs. every iPad ever released

BY Killian Bell

Published 8 Dec 2015

Every iPad ever made

Is it really worth updating your iPad to one of the latest models, such as iPad Pro? The improvements in performance may look good on paper, but do they actually translate into meaningful improvements during real-world use?

Now is the time to find out with the speed test that compares every iPad ever released with iPad Pro.

YouTuber EverythingApplePro lined up every single iPad ever sold by Apple, from the original 2010 model to this year’s iPad Pro, then put them through a series of real-world tests. You might think the newer models are automatically faster than older ones, but you would be wrong.

In the first test for instance, which measures boot up speed, the original iPad finished in fifth place! That means there are five iPad — all of which are newer than the original iPad — that took longer to boot up. The iPad mini lineup, apart from the latest model, where the slowest devices to boot up.

The results of the GeekBench test aren’t so surprising, with the newer models and their more recent specifications outpacing all of their predecessors. What is interesting is the results of iPad Pro, which delivers a sizable performance boost over everything — including the iPad Air 2.

A network speed test also proved that the newer iPads enjoy faster download speeds, however, a HTML5 test delivered similar results on all devices.

To see all of these tests and more — including speaker and camera tests — check out the video below.