Rumor: Apple Testing Touch-Optimized macOS Version for M2 iPad Pro

BY Sriansh

Published 20 Oct 2022

iPad Pro Unsplash

According to a new leak, Apple is testing a touch-optimized version of macOS for the M2 iPad Pro

The report comes from a Twitter user named Majin Bu, who recently reported that Apple is working on a big redesign of the Messages app for iOS 17. The leaker says that Apple is testing a smaller version of macOS exclusively for the new iPad Pro M2. He says that ‘Mendocino’ is the internal testing name of macOS 14, and a ‘simplified version’ of the upcoming macOS has been planned for the M2 devices.

He adds that the macOS for M2 iPad Pro will feature 25% larger UI elements (presentably) to optimize the software for touch. While the UI will be similar to that of macOS, it will be able to run iPadOS apps only, according to the leak. Lastly, the leaker adds that the ‘simplified version’ of macOS 14 will only be compatible with the M2 iPads, and both the M1 iPad Pro and M1 iPad Air won’t be supported.

iPad Pro owners have been asking for such a solution for quite some time now. The inability to install desktop-class apps on the iPad Pro’s capable hardware is one of the major shortcomings of these devices. While Apple has provided a tool to developers to port their desktop apps to the iPad, most of the creative apps are still unavailable on the iPadOS App Store, including Apple’s own Final Cut Pro.

Launching such software could finally make Apple’s most powerful tablet a ‘true’ replacement for desktops and help the Cupertino-giant increase sales of the M2 iPad Pro. What features would you expect from iPad Pro-optimized macOS? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Source: Twitter