All New macOS Ventura Features

BY Parth Shah

Published 20 Jun 2022

Apple’s next-generation desktop operating system called macOS Ventura has finally been announced. With macOS Monterey, Apple focused on improving system apps. macOS Ventura shifts the attention to the Mail app, Spotlight enhancements, better multitasking with Stage Manager, and Continuity Camera to use iPhone as a webcam. Let’s check all new macOS Ventura features.

1. Stage Manager

Unlike Stage Manager on iPadOS, Apple isn’t limiting the feature to the M-series Macs. Stage Manager is available on Intel-based MacBook models as well. Enable Stage Manager from the Mac Control Center, and the system will enable a second dock on the left side to manage up to five apps. You can group apps and view new updates like messages and emails on the secondary dock. You can ultimately create your ideal workspace with different groups of apps for specific tasks.

For example, you can keep Photoshop and Lightroom open in one window for image editing requirements and continue your writing in Pages and Apple Notes in another. 

We tried Stage Manager on our 2018 Intel-powered MacBook Air, which worked like a charm. Although, we feel the function makes more sense on iPad than on Mac as the macOS already delivers a robust multitasking experience.

2. Preview Files in Spotlight

This is a part of Apple’s significant Spotlight improvements in macOS Ventura. You can directly preview files from Spotlight search results. Simply hit the space bar on a result to view files in the Quick Look menu.

3. Perform Quick Actions from Spotlight

With macOS Ventura, Apple is finally closing the gap between Spotlight and third-party solutions like Alfred. You can perform quick actions like starting a timer and enabling Focus right from the Spotlight. You can also run a Siri shortcut and find the name of a song with Shazam without leaving the current interface.

4. Search Images in Spotlight

You can now search for images in Photos, Messages, Notes, and the Finder from the Spotlight menu. It will also show results from the web. Press Command + Space and start typing image location, scenes, text, or animals.

5. Get Details of TV Shows, Movies, and Famous Personalities

This is yet another Spotlight feature Apple borrowed from iOS 15. You can simply type movie, TV show, or actor name in Spotlight and check rich results with all the relevant information.

6. Share Tab Groups from Safari

macOS Monterey brought Tab Groups support to Safari. You can group relevant tabs under a single main tab, and now you have an option to share them with others via iMessage or any other Instant Messaging (IM) app. This is useful when you want to share a shortlisted hotel list or research tabs with a single click.

7. New Start Pages for Tab Groups

You have an option to set a different background wallpaper and favorites for a specific Tab Group. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer several color options for differentiation. Meanwhile, Apple is a step ahead with personalized background images for Tab Groups.

8. Schedule Send Email in Mail App

Apple has long been neglecting the default email app on Mac. Users mostly opt for third-party email apps such as Outlook and Spark on Mac. With macOS Ventura, Apple wants to turn the tide in favor of the default Mail app.

The Mail app is getting three new additions this fall. You can now finally set up messages to be sent at the right time. When you think the recipient is busy or living in a different time zone, you can use scheduled send and time the email delivery.

9. Get Reminders About Important Email

If you have a habit of forgetting important emails, the Mail’s Remind me function will ensure you don’t miss any such emails. For example, when you receive your credit card bill in the Mail app, you can use the remind function and ask Apple Mail to send a notification before the due date.

10. Smart Search in Mail

The Mail app has an advanced search function to understand your typos and offer improved search results.

11. Redesigned System Settings Menu

This was long overdue. The default System Preferences menu on Mac felt and looked quite outdated. Apple renamed it System Settings and redesigned the app to modern standards. Mac’s new System Settings menu now looks identical to the one on iPhones and iPads. It packs simple navigation, better organization, and powerful search to find an item quickly.

12. Passkeys

Apple has worked with Microsoft, Google, and the FIDO alliance to develop Passkeys that replace passwords for good. You can now use Touch ID to authenticate yourself. Apple creates a digital key that can’t be phished. The function works for both apps and websites.

13. Undo Send in Messages

You no longer need to explain typos in the Messages app. macOS Ventura allows you to unsend any message for up to 15 minutes after sending it. You can also edit a message in the same duration if you don’t want to compose a message from scratch.

14. Mark Messages Unread

You can now mark messages unread and refer to them later. You don’t need to give immediate attention to a specific message.

15. Better Collaboration in Messages

macOS Ventura makes it easy to collaborate on shared content from Files, Pages, Numbers, Notes, Safari, and third-party apps in Messages. When you share an invite for collaboration in Messages, everyone in the group is automatically added to the project. FaceTime’s excellent SharePlay function to watch movies and TV shows together also comes to Messages.

Messages will showcase live updates at the top when anyone makes changes to the document or spreadsheet.

16. Handoff in FaceTime

Just like regular calls, you can move a FaceTime call from one device to another with a single click.

17. Continuity Camera

With macOS Ventura, you don’t need to deal with an above-average Mac webcam. You can now attach your iPhone (using an accessory) at the top and use iPhone’s primary camera as the webcam. Apple takes the whole experience further by utilizing iPhone’s ultra-wide camera to show your desk setup over a call. The entire setup works wirelessly. You only need to invest in a third-party accessory to mount your iPhone at the top.

Continuity Camera also brings support for Center Stage to keep you centered, Studio Light to deliver stunning video effects, and Portrait Mode to blur the background.

18. Gaming Improvements

Apple is improving the macOS Metal engine to improve the gaming performance on Mac. MetalFX will help developers render smaller frames into larger, higher-quality frames. The new fast resource loading API will ensure a better direct path from storage to the unified memory system.

Apple also announced upcoming titles such as EA’s GRID Legends, Capcom’s Resident Evil: Village, and No Man’s Sky from Hello Games.

19. Freeform for Brainstorming

Freeform in macOS Ventura is Apple’s direct response to Whiteboard in Windows 11 and third-party software solutions like FigJam. You can use Freeform’s several drawing tools to brainstorm ideas on a flexible canvas and talk about them with others via FaceTime or in a Messages thread.

20. Lock Hidden and Recently Deleted Media in Photos

You can now lock confidential images and deleted files with your Mac login password or Touch ID.

21. Clock App

Apple brings the excellent Clock app from iPhone and iPad to the Mac platform. Using the Clock app, you can configure world clocks, timers, and alarms.

22. All-New Home App

The redesigned Home app features a new user interface (UI) that’s easier to navigate, organize, view, and control all your accessories. The app also comes with a new camera view to check up to nine camera views.

23. Lock Notes with Mac Login Password

You don’t need to remember a separate password for your locked notes in the Notes app. You can now use the same Mac login password for locked notes.

24. Templates in Reminders

You can now create templates in the Reminders app to reuse them in the future. You can also pin a specific to-do list for easy access.

25. Live Text in Videos

Live Text in videos should be more useful on Mac than on iPhones or iPad. While referring to lecture videos on Mac, you can pause the video and extract text from the frame.

macOS Ventura will be available to the public later this year. Note that certain macOS Ventura features are not coming to Intel Macs. The list includes Live Captions, Reference Mode with Sidecar, and emoji support in dictation mode.