macOS Ventura Announced with Mail, Spotlight Enhancements, Continuity Camera, and More

BY Parth Shah

Published 6 Jun 2022

The next-generation Mac operating system is finally here. With macOS Ventura, Apple is finally addressing many long-awaited user requests. Apart from usual updates to the default apps like Maps, Messages, Safari, Mail, etc., Apple is adding Stage manager to improve multitasking, and offering new APIs to address gaming vows on the Mac. 

Stage Manager

Apple tackled window management in macOS. The company announced Stage Manager that shuffles windows off to the side. It acts as a dedicated Dock for opening apps on your Mac. 

Stage Manager is smart enough to group windows together across apps into new groups. The feature makes sure that you don’t end up with dozens of windows from your photo editing app or Apple Pages. 

Spotlight Enhancement

Spotlight gets a huge overhaul with the macOS Ventura update. The default search on your Mac can find images from the photo library, search text inside images using Live Text, start a timer or even run a Siri shortcut. 

Mail App Updates

The default Mail app gets three new features to improve your email experience. You can now undo a sent email and save yourself from some embarrassment. You also have an option to schedule an email and remind yourself about an important email later. 

Mail gets a new search function. The search bar is smart enough to understand typos and find the relevant email quickly. 

Shared Tab Groups in Safari

With macOS Monterey, Apple announced Tab Groups to combine relevant tabs under a relevant group. Now, you can easily share those Tab Groups with friends and family. 


Apple has worked with Microsoft, Google, and Fido alliance and developed Passkeys to replace passwords for good. You can now use Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate yourself. Apple creates a digital key that can’t be phished. The function works for apps and websites. 

Gaming Improvements

Apple is improving the macOS Metal engine to step up the gaming performance on Mac. MetalFX will help developers render smaller frames into larger, higher-quality frames. The New Fast resource loading API will make sure a better direct path from storage to the unified memory system. 

Apple also announced some upcoming titles such as EA’s GRID Legends and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky from Hello Games. 

Handoff Addition in FaceTime

Handoff is coming to FaceTime in macOS Ventura. It’s a part of the Continuity update that Apple pushes for a better ecosystem experience. 

Use iPhone as a Webcam on Mac

Continuity gets another addition to let you use the iPhone as a webcam on your Mac. You need to buy a separate stand though. The setup will work wirelessly without any plug. Users can mount the iPhone to their Mac using portrait settings like Studio Light. You also have an option to utilize the ultrawide camera of the iPhone to showcase the desk in front of a computer. 

New System Apps

Apple has optimized the Weather and Clock app for a big screen and made it available on Mac in macOS Ventura. 

Redesigned System Preferences Menu

System Preferences finally gets a better naming scheme and a streamlined easy-to-understand menu. System Settings is the new name for System Preferences and comes with a refreshed and streamlined design that is easier to navigate and instantly familiar to iPhone and iPad users. 

Apart from these headline updates, macOS also gets major iOS 16 goodies like Messages improvements, iCloud Shared Photo Library, Maps enhancements, Live Text for video, and more. 

Did the macOS Ventura manage to meet or exceed your expectations? Drop your view in the comments section below.