The Best iPhone 11 Cases

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Sep 2019

best iphone 11 cases

iPhone 11 will hit the stores on September 20 and went on pre-orders earlier today. The iPhone 11 is likely to catch the attention of many people because of its lower price tag and the fact that it offers almost the same experience as the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro. So if you are ordering an iPhone 11, here is a list of some of the best cases you can buy for it.

Irrespective of Apple’s claim that it uses the strongest glass ever on the iPhone 11, it is strongly recommended that you use a case with the iPhone 11. This will not only protect the phone from dings and drops but also protect the display and rear glass from shattering in case of a bad fall.

Best iPhone 11 Cases


If you are looking for an ultra-thin case in clear, frosted or solid finish, then Totallee offers seven different variants. The cases come in red, black, navy, and clear. These are silicone cases which provide decent grip, are satisfying to hold, and will make sure to keep scratches and bumps away. The case features a camera lens “lip” for added protection of the dual-camera system.

One of the best thing about Totallee cases is that they don’t carry any branding of the company. Just plain cases which come with a two-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing for the cases starts from $29.

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Totallee iPhone 11 Case


Spigen offers the best third-party cases for the iPhone and they offer a great variety of options. Right from Thin Fit Classic to Silicon Fit to Tough Armor cases to Liquid Crystal cases.

Their Armor category offers multiple choices. You can choose Tough Armor which provides a complete solution. If you like a bit of design, then you can choose between Slim Essential S or Slim Armor or Slim Armor CS. The latter is an interesting one as it has a slot for your Apple Card or any other card as well.

Apart from Silicon and Armor cases, Spigen also offers hybrid cases, liquid crystal cases, and more. If quality is of utmost importance to you, definitely try out cases from Spigen.

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iPhone 11 Spigen Case


They offer a series of minimalistic thin profile looking cases. There are four types of cases for iPhone 11— Air, ONYX, and Air-S, and Fusion. Air offers crystal clear TPU protection layer, while Air-S offers durable SF Coating and TPU. Lastly, the Fusion provides Durable PC and TPU bumper offers. They are all built to make sure the phone is safe from scratches and shocks.

Make sure to get any Ringke case of your choice from Amazon since they are usually available at a discount there.

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iPhone 11 Ringke Air Case

Pad & Quill

If you prefer luxurious leather cases for your iPhone, you are going to love Pad & Quill leather cases. The cases are made from full-grain saddle leathers and parachute grade threads for impeccable build quality. The cases are on the expensive side, but then all good things in life are expensive.

Pad & Quill iPhone 11 case

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Olixar probably has the most extensive variety of cases for the iPhone 11. Right from 100% clear cases to cases for rugged use to bumper case to Wallet cases to leather case to Armour cases. You have it all.

If you are looking for all-around protection, we would suggest to try out Delta Armour cases which offers ample amount of protection against rugged use.

Check out the entire iPhone 11 lineup of cases from Olixar here.

iPhone 11 Olixar Case

Which is your favorite case maker? Which case do you prefer to use on your iPhone 11? Drop a comment and let us know about it!