The Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 14 Sep 2019

iphone 11 screen protectors

Did you just buy yourself an iPhone 11? Or are you planning to buy one? We are back with consumer advice on the best screen protector for the new iPhone 11. Smartphone displays are prone to scratches and other damages, thus it is always advisable to use a screen protector. Irrespective of what Apple says, the iPhone 11 screen is susceptible to scratches. In order to help you take your pick, we have curated a list of the best iPhone 11 screen protectors.

iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. Apple has been making tall claims about the display’s being stronger and better with every new iteration. Well, this is true however there are ways in which a smartphone display will pick up scratches, no matter what it is made up of.

The best part about screen protectors is that they can be replaced. You can always replace screen protector after prolonged usage, however, it is expensive to replace the entire display and you need to live with scratches. Here are the best screen protectors for iPhone 11 to safeguard your new iPhone’s screen.

Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors

When it comes to screen protectors, expensive isn’t always better. Based on tests and reviews, we haven’t seen more expensive protectors offer additional protection over the cheaper ones. The glass used in screen protectors we have recommended is the same quality or better compared to the more expensive ones. Secondly, save yourself the trouble and avoid using a plastic screen protector as it would simply ruin the experience of the OLED displays of the new iPhones.

1. Maxboost Screen Protector

Maxboost Screen Protector for iPhone 11


Most screen protectors come with a thickness of 0.3 mm. Maxboost claims to be the world’s thinnest screen protector with 0.25 mm thickness. It features hydrophobic and oleophobic coating which offers protection against sweat and oil from the fingerprints. It comes with the best install tool for proper alignment. It also comes with a nice tool for cleaning. The pack also comes with three screen protectors and costs only $8, which is a bargain if you ask me.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $12.99

2. amFilm Glass Screen Protector

amFilm Screen Protector for iPhone 11


amFilm is offering a screen protector with 99.9% transparency for natural viewing experience. The product offers surface hardness 9H and comes with the oleophobic layer to reduce fingerprints. The whole package comes with wet/dry wipes, squeeze card, and dust removal stickers with a price tag of only $7.8.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $7.8

3. Totallee Screen Protector

Totallee offers a tempered screen protector for iPhone 11. They don’t make tall claims and oversell the product with marketing jargon. As a peace of mind, you get a 2-year warranty and 30-day money-back in case you are not satisfied with the screen protector. Moreover, orders over $50 are shipped for free worldwide.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $29

4. Spigen EZ Fit

Spigen Nano Liquid


Spigen is a household name when it comes to smartphone cases and screen protectors. If you are wary of using a screen protector on an OLED display then Spigen Nano Liquid is worth a try. This is not a screen protector per se. It simply adds an invisible layer of nano-hydrophobic coating to your iPhone 11 display to help improve its durability.

Please note that Spigen is good enough to protect the iPhone 11 display from getting scratches and scuffs. It will not be able to safeguard your phone from drops and other damages.

Buy Now ($24.99)

5. Spigen EZ FIT GLAS.tR Privacy

Do you hate it when people take a look at your screen in public places? The Spigen EZ FIT GLAS.tR Privacy makes sure that the display is visible only to the user directly and this helps in private screen viewing. The screen protector has a 9H hardness and features an oleophobic coating on top to repel fingerprints. It is also compatible with the variety of cases that Spigen sells. It is also worth noting that Spigen seels a tray that helps you in aligning the screen protector before applying.

Buy Now [Amazon] ($34.99)

6. Case-Mate Glass Screen Protector

Case-Mate’s temper glass is made out of tempered glass and the company advertises it as 2x shatterproof. Furthermore, the screen protector comes with an anti-fingerprint layer. Case-Mate is offering a lifetime warranty on the screen protector. Please note that the warranty is only for manufacturing defects and not for the screen protector itself breaking.

Buy Now [Amazon] ($18.87)

7. Belkin ScreenForce TemperedCurve Screen Protector

Apart from the display, the edges are also susceptible to damages. If you want to protect the entire display along with the front bezels then you need to go for an edge-to-edge screen protector. Only a few screen protectors offer edge-to-edge protection and Belkin ScreenForce is one of them. Belkin says it has manufactured the tempered glass from premium Japanese glass and tested it extensively to ensure the sharpness, brightness, and clarity of the display are not affected in any way.

To ensure the screen protector can be easily applied, Belkin also bundles an easy align tray in the package. And then it also has a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Buy Now ($44.99)

These are our top picks for iPhone 11 screen protectors. Which screen protector did you buy for your iPhone 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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