20 Best iPhone Home Screen Layouts You Should Try in 2022

BY Rajesh

Published 2 Apr 2022

20 Best iPhone Home Screen Layouts You Should Try in 2022

Customizing the iPhone home screen with a variety of different layouts is fun. Even though Apple doesn’t offer pre-defined designs, nothing can stop you from giving an aesthetic touch to the home screen. Whether you wish to use every color in the rainbow, deck up your home screen with widgets, or set the tone for Halloween, these 20 best iPhone home screen layouts have got you covered.

So, what are the requirements for creating different iPhone home screen layouts? It would be best to have a wide range of wallpapers, custom app icons, and widgets. You can get all these ingredients for free on your device. That’s all you need to craft awesome iPhone home screen layouts!

1. One-Handed Design 

Accessing icons placed on the furthest edges of the screen is never convenient, even if you have big thumbs. But bother not. This is where one-handed design comes into play. If you wish to access icons comfortably on the big-screen iPhones, this layout is for you.

To create a one-handed design, place app icons on the right or left-hand side of the screen. You can get it done by creating transparent widgets or app icons to fill up the space on the home screen.

One-Handed Design 

2. Amp Up the Reachability Game

Another pretty intelligent way you can enhance reachability, especially when dealing with phablets with monster screen sizes, is by going for the bottom line layout. It works by having just one row of four apps on the bottom of the home screen. Of course, the dock is always there to let you access your most-used apps. 

one row of four apps on the home screen

3. Color-Coded

To make your iPhone home screen more appealing, the color-coded layout would be an excellent pick. You can craft this layout by replacing your apps with colorful app icons. For instance, you can give Facebook a red color, design the App Store with yellow, and turn the Settings icon green. You can take things a step further and match icon colors to the wallpaper or set them up in stark contrast. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! All you need to do is replace the app icons suitably.


4. Neat Layout 

If you have many apps strewn all over the home screen, opting for a neat layout can go a long way in keeping the chaos at bay. To create a folder, drag an app icon and drop it on another app of the same category. After that, give a proper name to the folder, and you are good to go! You can group apps into folders and make them easier to find. For instance, I keep all my social media apps in one folder. 

Neat Layout

5. Go Dockless 

What about going dockless? While there is no doubt that the dock provides quick access to your top four essential apps, you should never fail to give the home screen a different look by getting rid of the dock. 

Go Dockless

6. Funky Layout 

When you want your home screen to shout out loud, a funky layout fits the bill perfectly. You can create a funky home screen design by using a dashing wallpaper with custom home screen app icons. 

Funky Layout

7. Minimalist 

This layout would be an excellent pick for the folks who prefer to have a minimalist aesthetic. You can create it by using just one home screen with only selected neatly organized apps. 


8. Winter 

Winter is one of my favorite iPhone home screen layouts. What I love the most about it is the relaxed vibe that radiates every time you glance at it. 

The easiest way to create a winter layout is to use a variety of professionally-designed winter wallpapers and then place your favorite apps in the desired style. I recommend you check out a couple of wallpaper apps, such as Winter Pictures & Backgrounds and Snowfall Live Wallpapers.

Download: Winter Pictures & Backgrounds

Download: Snowfall Live Wallpapers


9. Create an Empty/Blank Home Screen 

Eye-catching wallpapers deserve the freedom to shine in all their glory. For this, you should create an empty/blank home screen

To get started, put all of your apps on the second page of the home screen and then go to the Settings app > Home Screen > choose App Library Only to ensure newly downloaded apps appear only in the App Library. This way, you will be able to keep your home screen empty forever.

Create Empty/Blank Home Screen

10. Love 

Whether you are a love bird or want your home screen to look in sync with the boundless love for your sweetheart, the love home screen layout would be the one to go for. You can achieve it by setting a love wallpaper and creating custom app icons with images of yourself and your dear one. 


11. Monochrome for Peace of Mind 

When I want to take a break from catchy designs, I go for the monochrome theme. The classy black and white appearance look soothing to the eyes. 


12. Pitch Black Design 

The pitch-black design comes in handy for an enhanced viewing experience at night. You can create it by using black wallpaper, Dark Mode, and setting iOS to dim the wallpaper. Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone > Wallpaper and then ensure that the toggle for Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper is turned on.

Pitch black design

13. Widgetify 

With the highly efficient App Library already available to let you keep all of your apps perfectly organized and easily accessible, there is no point in having more than a single home screen. To make that screen stand out, it would be cool to fill it with your selected widgets. 


14. Halloween 

This is another time-centric iPhone home screen layout that you should try out. You may have already guessed that it is designed to spice up your Halloween. To make your iPhone home screen look in sync with Halloween, you can use a Halloween wallpaper and scary app icons created with the Shortcuts app.


15. Rainy

If you adore the sight of rain, chances are you would like to deck up your iPhone home screen with a rainy layout. You can get it by setting a rain wallpaper as the background and designing the screen with matching app icons. The key to mastering this layout is to avoid going overboard.


16. Rainbow

Creating a rainbow design is much easier than you think! Since each app has a distinct appearance, you can use different app icons to craft an attention-grabbing rainbow layout. Of course, if you wish to take the customization even further, you can throw custom app icons into the mix.


17. Gamify 

If you are a gaming aficionado, you may want to theme your iPhone home screen to reflect your passion. You can use a gameplay wallpaper to make this layout and deck it up with all of your favorite games.


18. Dashboard 

As the name itself suggests, “Dashboard” is designed to let you take a sneak peek at what is lined up for you. Whether it’s tracking the battery life of your connected devices, checking your step count, or monitoring your upcoming events, the dashboard layout is pretty functional. To create this design, pick up a combination of large and small widgets and place them neatly.


19. Notice Board

The notice board layout is simple but valuable. It’s about keeping the most demanding apps that send you frequent alerts at the forefront while ensuring the entire screen looks neat. If you want to make the home screen look a bit more interactive, placing a sticky note widget would be worth it.


20. Nature

This layout is all about embracing nature in all its glory. With a peace-loving wallpaper in the background, you can design the screen with nature-centric app icons to keep the entire appearance serene.


So, that wraps up our exhaustive roundup of the incredible iPhone home screen layouts. Hopefully, you’ve liked these home screen design ideas. Which one of these layouts appealed to your taste? Do let us know. Moreover, if you know any other killer ideas, send them our way in the comments.