iOS 16.4 Release Time In Your Time Zone

BY Darryl

Published 26 Mar 2023

iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 has been in beta testing for more than a month. It has several new and exciting features like support for push notifications from web apps, addition of new emojis, changes to the Podcast app, etc. If you’re wondering when and at what time Apple will release iOS 16.4 to the public, read along.

iOS 16.4 Release Date

Those that religiously follow iOS updates, might be aware that Apple released the iOS 16.4 RC update on March 21, 2023. Release Candidate (RC) updates usually launch a week ahead of the public release of the iOS version currently in beta. If we apply logic here, we can expect Apple to release iOS 16.4 stable update on March 28, 2023.

To strengthen this, we can also take into account the launch date of Apple Music Classical. While the app is available for pre-order on the App Store, it is set to launch on March 28, 2023. For those unaware, Apple Music Classical is a subsidiary of Apple Music. However, it only features classical songs and has the largest catalog of the same. It also has enhanced search capabilities, a black-and-white design, and some other exclusive features.

iOS 16.4 Release Time

Apple usually releases iOS and other software updates at 10 AM PST or 1 PM EST. Again, applying the same logic to the release time of iOS 16.4, we can expect the update to roll out at a similar time. Alongside iOS 16.4, Apple is also going to release updates for iPadOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4, and macOS 13.3 Ventura. If you’re looking looking for iOS 16.4’s release time in your time zone, refer to the table below.  

iOS 16.4 Release Time and Date

Usually, servers tend to get busy and increase the download time whenever an update is released. This happens because everyone across the globe is updating their iPhones at the same time. 

We expect iOS 16.4 stable update not to have any major bugs. However, we can never be a hundred percent sure. Especially when we consider iOS 16’s track record of buggy updates. We recommend you wait a couple of days before updating your device. During this time, you can go through Apple forums and blogs to check if the update has any major bugs. If it does, you’re safe as you haven’t updated already and if it doesn’t you can update without any worries.

Update: Apple has seeded iOS 16.4 to the public, a day ahead of our expectations. You can check out all the new iOS 16.4 features here.