How to Change your iPhone’s Battery, Wi-Fi, and Data indicators on iOS 7

BY Cody

Published 28 Feb 2014

Right after jailbreaking your device, you’re on the prowl for some good tweaks. Once you’ve found your tweaks you’re probably in the market for a new theme to change up the look of your icons. Well, if the theme you choose doesn’t have custom Wi-Fi, data, and battery indicators, I’m going to show you how to get some cool free ones.

In order to theme your battery, Wi-Fi, and data indicators there are a few steps that you will need to take as well as a few prerequisite tweaks. You would obviously need a jailbroken iPhone. If haven’t already, and need help with it, check out this webpage for links to our latest tutorials.

In order to theme your battery, you will need to download Alkaline, which is a free battery theming tweak that allows you to easily switch between things, just like Winterboard.

Speaking of Winterboard, you’re going to need that, too.  You will be using Winterboard to change the theme of the Wi-Fi and data indicators.

Now that you’ve downloaded Alkaline and Winterboard, now it’s time to add the new repo where you will be getting all of your free indicator themes. Open Cydia and navigate to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add and type in this repo: and tap “Add”.

Once the source has loaded up, just tap on the newly added source in your list and you’ll be presented with a lot of new themes for your indicators.  If you tap on one and scroll down to “screenshots” it’s going to present you with all of the indicator choices you can download. Below is a list of all the indicators.


Once you’ve chosen a specific (or multiple) themes you want to try out, just back out to the main list and download and install them just like any other theme.

To change the battery theme, go into the Settings app and tap on Alkaline and make sure it’s enabled, then tap on Theme. Select your theme and respring your device and you’ll have a new battery indicator.

To change your Wi-Fi and data signal, open Winterboard > Select Themes and choose one of your newly downloaded themes and respring the device. Also, keep in mind that when you change your wifi and data signals you will also get a new loading animation, like shown in the video below.

If you’d like a video walkthrough of this process check it out below:

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There’s a lot of different themes to choose from and you can mix an match as you please. Let us know your favorite indicator themes in the comments below!