How to Change Your iPhone’s Carrier Logo Without Jailbreaking

BY Rounak Jain

Published 30 Dec 2012

As a regular jailbreaker, you’ve probably tried changing your iPhone’s carrier logo to an image of your choice. A newly released tool called CarrierEditor lets you do exactly that, except that you no longer need a jailbroken iPhone.

CarrierEditor changes your iPhone’s logo by generating a carrier configuration file, which you can then load onto your iPhone through iTunes. The tool, developed by uhelios and Pix3lDemon, is currently available only for the Mac.

The steps to change your iPhone’s carrier logo are pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Download CarrierEditor’s dmg file from this link. Once you’re done downloading, mount the dmg, and launch Click on “Let’s Get Started.”


Step 2: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, navigate to General > About and enter your carrier version number in CarrierEditor.


Step 3: The tweak works not only for the iPhone, but for the cellular iPad as well. So choose the appropriate device, and the carrier and proceed to the next step.


Step 4: Now you can select (drag and drop) the images that you’d like to use in place of the carrier logo, one for the black status bar, and one for the lighter version. The dmg files comes with a bunch of preloaded status bar icons, which you can use freely.


Step 5: Once you’re done selecting images, CarrierEditor will generate the .ipcc file for you, and save it to your desktop, along with a backup .ipcc file in case you want to revert to your carrier’s default logo.


Step 6: You can now load the .ipcc file onto your device through iTunes, by selecting your device in iTunes, clicking Restore with your option/alt key pressed, and selecting the file from your desktop. If you don’t see any change immediately, reboot your device. For getting back to the original logo, simply load the backup ipcc file onto your iPhone similarly.


Here’s a video guide for the entire process:

With the lack of a public jailbreak, we’re seeing a number of tools that let us do similar, albeit insignificant, tasks through the PC and Mac. Most recently, we’d covered Stiflestand, a tweak that let you hide Newsstand without the need of a jailbreak.

Via: ModMyi