How to connect an iPad to a floppy disk

BY Jason

Published 28 May 2013

While Apple launched the Camera Connection Kit for the iPad to allow users to easily download photos from a digital camera or SD card, we’ve seen it being used to connect an external hard drive and even an iPhone to the iPad

Folks at TUAW point us to a YouTube video, which demonstrates how to connect an iPad to the floppy disk to import photos.

Given a powered USB hub to provide adequate juice, it’s possible to fake out the iPad’s import process by using a MS-DOS/FAT formatted floppy and putting a “DCIM” folder on the disk. Any photos inside that folder that have DOS-legal filenames (8.3) will be read by the CCK and the iPad.

Pretty cool, but a useless hack. I can’t even remember when I last saw a floppy drive, let alone using it.