How to Fast Charge Apple Watch Series 7

BY Parth Shah

Published 5 Dec 2021

The Apple Watch Series 7’s upgrades aren’t limited to the big display. The latest wearable from Apple also comes with fast charging capabilities, meaning you can juice up its battery from zero to 80 percent in 45 minutes. It does come with some conditions, though. Here’s how you can fast charge your Apple Series Watch 7.

Starting with Series 7, Apple doesn’t include a power adapter in the retail packaging. While you can use an old Apple Watch charging puck to charge your new smartwatch, it won’t fast charge the wearable.

What You Need to Fast Charge Apple Watch Series 7

You need to use a USB-C power adapter with USB PD (Power Delivery) support with a 5W minimum output. If you are already using an adapter to fast charge the iPhone 12 or 13, you can use it to fast charge your smartwatch as well.

An old adapter with USB-A won’t work here as the new Watch Series 7 comes with USB-C at one end and a charging connector at the other. USB-A chargers also don’t support the required charging protocol.

In case you don’t have a USB-C adapter, below are some options worth checking out:

  • 20W Anker Nano PowerPort III – Buy Now
  • Ugreen 20W USB-C charger – Buy Now
  • Tecknet 65W USB-C charger – Buy Now

Do note that you cannot use the new USB-C Apple Watch charging puck to fast charge older generations of the Watch.

If you have lost the stock charging puck that came with Apple Watch Series 7, don’t bother with third-party options from Amazon. For fast charging, you will have to buy a new one from the Apple Store only. For some reason, fast charging isn’t available in selected regions such as India, Argentina, and Vietnam. Apple hasn’t stated any official reason behind the exclusion here.

Fast charging on Apple Watch Series 7 is a boon for millions out there. The latest Series 7 doesn’t win any awards in battery life, and a quick 20-minute top-up should be sufficient to get you through a busy day.