iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 for Bug Fixes Released – Simpler method to Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 also works with Firmware 1.1.4

BY Jason

Published 26 Feb 2008

iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 Update

iPhone Firmware update 1.1.4 is out, the sixth firmware update since iPhone’s launch. Based on initial reports the firmware doesn’t seem to unlock any new features and is more for "bug fixes", however the good news so far has been that you can still Jailbreak iPhone running firmware 1.1.4 using Zibri’s method.

Read about the impact the latest iPhone firmware will have on unlocking, jailbreaking as well as on your favorite third-party iPhone applications after the jump.

Apple has released iPhone firmware 1.1.4 and as usual there is not much information available in the release notes, it just states that this version includes “bug fixes.”

However based on initial reports from iPhone users, iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 seems to have fixed the following bugs:

  • iPhone users had reported that SMS (text) messages were being displayed out of order after installing iPhone firmware 1.1.3.
  • The incompatibility issues with third-party Bluetooth devices such as GPS units from Garmin (StreetPilot C550, Nuvi 360, 760, etc.), some integrated car Bluetooth systems and more.
  • Some iPhone users had reported problems sending mail after the firmware 1.1.3 update where mail sent from the iPhone simply disappeared, never reaching its recipient, nor appearing in the “Sent Items” folder and strangely not even giving an error message to indicate that anything has gone wrong.

Other then the bug fixes, there does not seem to be any sign to indicate that we can expect SDK to be released any time soon, though I guess it is too early to confirm either way. The latest firmware also doesn’t seem to have unlocked any new feature so in-line with the release notes which says only "bug fixes".

Effects of Firmware 1.1.4 on iPhone Unlocking, JailBreaking and Native Third-Party iPhone applications:

As you would expect, iPhone firmware 1.1.4 will wipe out all your native third-party iPhone applications. However, the good news about the firmware update as I had mentioned earlier has been that you can still Jailbreak iPhone using Zibri’s method which means that the Simpler method to JailBreak iPhone works with firmware 1.1.4, so you will be able to reinstall the native iPhone applications on your iPhone, though it is still not clear the impact of the latest firmware on each individual native iPhone application.

iPhones running firmware 1.1.4 used on unauthorized networks cannot be activated with current hacking tools. It has been observed that so far there is no alternative to iPhone activation other
than using iTunes and a standard AT&T account. So if you have unlocked your iPhone it is recommended NOT to update your iPhone with the firmware 1.1.4 but rather wait for the iPhone hacking community to hack the activation process again.

However, if you are still looking to go ahead with the firmware update then the following information will help:

Before you start it would be a good idea to backup your iPhone by syncing it in iTunes before applying this update just in case you need to restore your iPhone if the update fails.

The latest iPhone firmware 1.1.4 is available via iTunes or as a standalone download (size: 165 MB). To apply the update using iTunes, simply connect your iPhone then click the “Update” or “Restore” button.

If you use the standalone download option then after downloading the update, you can hold the option key on a Mac or Shift key on a Windows system, then click the “Update” button in iTunes (under the iPhone tab) and select the file you have downloaded to apply it.


There are reports that iPhone users are observing a healthy boost in cell signal strength after iPhone firmware 1.1.4 update, which was severely degraded for some users post firmware 1.1.3 update. If you are still facing issues with regards to signal strength on your iPhone then you could check out the article I had published a few days back which has tips to increase your iPhone’s signal strength.

iPhone Hacks reader, Cpuenvy  reports that Customize, SummerBoard, etc are broken because they look at your firmware version while BSD installation was fine. He has also observed that there is more space available on this iPhone after the update which I am guessing is due to the fact that iPhone firmware 1.1.4 wiped out all the native third-party iPhone applications. (Thanks Cpuenvy for the details.)

Update (27th Feb):

While there have been iPhone users who have been able to Jailbreak their iPhone using Zibri’s ZiPhone tool after upgrading to iPhone firmware 1.1.4 without any problems, Zibri is recommending users not to upgrade as he needs to make some adjustments and fully test it. He expects to release the new version of ZiPhone in 3 days and a day earlier for those who donated.

Please do let us know if you have found something new with the latest firmware please do share it in the comments.

For further news and updates on the latest iPhone firmware update stay tuned here @ iPhone Hacks.

Thanks Quark0ne for the tip!


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