Got stuck at “Configuring system 2/2” while using evasi0n7? Here’s how to fix it

BY Jason

Published 31 Dec 2013


A number of users have reported that the jailbreak process was getting stuck at “Configuring system 2/2….” when they tried jailbreaking their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with evasi0n7

It looks like the jailbreak process is getting stuck at that step on slow machines. The definition of “slow machine” is not clear as evad3rs’ haven’t provided the minimum system requirements for evasi0n7, but pod2g of evad3rs dev team tweeted about the issue and has suggested using another computer.

pod2g has explained why you need a faster machine:

If you got stuck at “configuring system 2/2” then you may want to try jailbreaking your device on another computer to see if it helps. The issue seems to be affecting Windows users, so if you’re running Windows on a virtual machine, then you may want to try bumping up the specs of the VM.


Alternatively, you can try this trick suggested by reader kusht0k3r818:

1. open evasi0n (dont plug in iphone just yet)
2. Start a task manager
3. On process tab right click evasi0n 
4. Go to set priority

After you set it to high, plug in your iPhone and start jailbreak.

As always, let us know if you were able to successfully jailbreak your device on another computer.