Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge takes on iPhone 6 in brutal drop test

BY Killian Bell

Published 8 Apr 2015


One of the things you may want to consider when choosing between the latest smartphones is which one is more durable. The brutal drop test below pits Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 edge against the iPhone 6, and you may be surprised by the results.

While the iPhone 6 is made of sturdy aluminum, Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are predominantly made of glass — with a chamfered metal frame that keeps everything together. But don’t assume that this means they’re fragile.

In the drop test below, the S6 edge fares surprisingly well when being dropped onto concrete. When dropped onto its side from 10 feet, the device sustained hardly any damage, while the sapphire lens protecting the iPhone 6’s camera was broken.

The results of the front-facing drop test from waist height were even more surprising: the S6 edge’s curved glass display survived without a single crack, but the iPhone 6’s Retina HD display was completely shattered.

Amazingly, the S6 edge even survived a head-height drop onto its front relatively unscathed, without any major damage to its display, glass back, or metal frame. In fact, the S6 edge didn’t crack until it was dropped onto its front from 10 feet.

That’s pretty amazing for a smartphone made almost entirely of glass, and it speaks volumes about the new Gorilla Glass 4 employed by Samsung’s latest devices.

As you might expect, the regular Galaxy S6 is also pretty tough — as you’ll see in the video below — but strangely not quite as tough as the S6 edge. While it took a 10-foot drop to shatter the S6 edge, the S6 broke when dropped from 7 feet.