How to Create Custom iMessage Profile on iPhone in iOS 13

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 21 Jul 2019

How to Create Custom iMessage Profile in iOS 13 Featured

The Messages app in iOS 13 is getting a WhatsApp style custom contact profile feature. It gives you a separate place where you can have a different name and display picture (which won’t be related to your iCloud account). Now when someone doesn’t have your details in your contact book, they’ll still be able to see your name and photo (and you can are in complete control of who to share this details with). Here’s how you can create a custom iMessage profile in iOS 13.

Create Custom iMessage Profile on iPhone in iOS 13

When you first launch the Messages app in iOS 13, you’ll see a new pop-up asking if you want to create a new profile in the Messages app. But if you’ve missed that part, you can go to Settings to create the profile later.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap on Messages.

Step 3: Tap on Share Name and Photo button.

iOS 13 iMessage Custom Profiles 1

Step 4: You’ll now be asked to choose your profile picture. You can choose a Memoji avatar that you’ve already created, your iCloud profile picture or an Animoji character. Tap on All Photos to choose a photo from the camera roll. If you want to take a new picture, tap on the camera button.

Step 5: On the next screen, you can edit the photo. You can scale it to fit into the circular frame. Tap on the Choose button once you’re done.

iOS 13 iMessage Custom Profiles 2

Step 6: Next, it’s all about the details. Tap on the fields next to the profile picture to enter your first and last name. Then turn on the toggle next to the Share Name and Photo option.

Step 7: The last thing to choose is who to share this data with. There are three options: Contacts Only, Always Ask and Anyone. It’s best to keep these details to Contacts Only, or anyone who gets your number from a spam directory and messages you will instantly see your display picture and your name. The Always Ask option gives you the most control over who sees this data but it can be tedious to go through at the beginning of every conversation.

How the Custom iMessage Profile Works

iOS 13 iMessage Custom Profiles 3

This feature will now behave based on the options you’ve chosen in the last step.

If you choose the Always Ask option, you’ll see a small banner at the top of a new conversation asking if you want to share the contact details with the other person (or persons in the group chat). If you choose Contacts Only or Anyone, you don’t have to do anything going forward.

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