How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

BY Ashish Mohta

Published 21 Jul 2021

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

Taking a screenshot on an iPhone is rather simple. However, when it comes to a web page or PDFs, or anything more that involves a long list, the regular way of taking a screenshot on an iPhone doesn’t work. In such cases, you need to take a long or scrolling screenshot on your iPhone to capture everything in just one screenshot instead of taking multiple screenshots.

A scrolling screenshot is basically a long screenshot that is primarily used to capture long lists. It is helpful in instances where you have to capture one long list as you don’t have to take multiple screenshots.

iOS offers long screenshots as a native feature that can capture a long page or section by automatically scrolling until the end. It takes a page-by-page screenshot and then stitches them together. You can then further edit or convert it to any other format using the built-in tool.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

Follow the steps below to learn how to take a scrolling screenshot quickly on your iPhone.

Step 1: Press the Volume Up + Side button on iPhones with Face ID or the Side + Home button on Touch ID devices simultaneously to take a screenshot. Then tap on the screenshot preview that appears on the bottom left corner. It would help if you were quick to do it, as the preview will disappear automatically after a few seconds.

Step 2: In the screenshot editor, choose the Full Page tab right next to the Screen tab. After that, iPhone will capture the entire screen and offer you a preview. This option will only show up when you are using Safari or browsing a long PDF.

iPhone Single Screen Screenshot

Step 3: To preview the long screenshot, use the scroll bar available next to it. You can tap and hold and then move it up and down to go through the entire page.

Full Page Screenshot in iPhone

Step 4: You can further crop and doodle using the editing tools. There is no way to zoom in to get a precise crop. But you can make small crops to eliminate parts you don’t need. Hit Reset if you need to redo.

Step 5: The final step is to save by tapping on the Done button or sharing it using the share icon on the top right. All the screenshots are saved in the Screenshots album inside the Photos app.

The long screenshot feature is only available while using Safari, browsing PDFs, emails in the stock Mail app, Notes app, and a few other first-party apps. If you do not see the Full Page option and the image is immediately available for cropping, you cannot use the long screenshot feature.

There are a few more alternative methods on how to take a screenshot on an iPhone if you do not like to use the hardware button. These methods include using Assistive touch and Siri. The former allows you to use double-tap or triple tap on the back of the iPhone to take a screenshot once you configure the Back Tap feature.

Both of these methods will eventually offer you a screenshot preview and take you to the default iOS editor, where you can choose to take a scrolling screenshot.

Third-Party Apps to Take Long Screenshot on iPhone

The long screenshot feature in iOS only works in Safari, Mail, and few other first-party apps. If you want to take a long screenshot in a third-party app, you will have to download another app from the App Store for this. Thankfully, there are multiple apps that let you easily take long screenshots on your iPhone.

Picsew – Screenshot Stitching

One of the most popular third-party screenshot apps can stitch up to 300 images if that is your need. Along with this, you can manually switch the orientation of the screenshots vertically or horizontally, create screenshots from screen recording, more.


Tailor – Screenshot Stitching

The best part of using this app is that it can make a clean screenshot from overlapping images. It is beneficial when taking screenshots of messenger apps such as Telegram, Whatsapp. Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and so on.


Long Screenshot Shortcut

You can also use a shortcut to take long screenshots on your iPhone. The Long Screenshot shortcut lets you merge multiple screenshots into one. It also offers the option to select the header and footer of the final screenshot. This is a shortcut that you use after taking multiple screenshots.


Using the above guide, you can take a scrolling screenshot or almost anything that opens in an iPhone. How is your experience using the scrolling screenshot? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.