How to monogram Apple Watch face with custom characters

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 3 May 2015


The Apple Watch allows you to use a monogram on select Watch faces. This feature allows you to add your initials or any other short phrase (4 characters or less) to a selected Watch face. It’s a handy way to add some personality to a Watch face. Not only does the Watch support initials and short words, it also allows you to enter unicode characters such as the Apple log () or ∞, into the monogram field. Read on to find out how you can add these custom characters and make your monogram something truly unique.

Like most Apple Watch settings, the monogram option is available in the Apple Watch app. Just open the Apple Watch app, select My Watch and then select Clock. In the clock menu, there is an option for Monogram which uses your initial by default. Simply tap on the monogram option and then type in the new characters. In this text entry field, you can type in any character that it is available in either the alphabetical or numeric keyboard.


You also can access even more unicode characters by using an app such as UniChar Picker. UniChar Picker provides access to a wide variety of unicode characters which can be copied from the app and then pasted into the monogram field.


You have to spend some time picking the correct unicode characters that’ll look good on the Watch screen. My favorites are the Apple logo () and the infinity symbol. You can use the monogram in the Color watch face, where you can add the letters inside the watch dial at the top, just underneath the 12AM/PM position. You can use our handy guide if you need assistance with customizing and installing this Watch face.

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