How to peek and pop with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 25 Sep 2015

I am sure that we have all received an email or message that we weren’t sure needed an immediate response or not. While you can preview few words of the messages, you’d have to launch the Messages or Mail app to really see what it said. With Peek and Pop, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners can quickly peek at Messages or emails and Pop right into the content. Let’s check it out.

How to peek and pop using 3D Touch

Peek and Pop not only lets you preview and jump into messages or mail, but also links, flight information, map locations and more.

Peek and Pop also offer quick actions that can be launched on supported apps without the need to completely open the app. If Peek is available, it will blur the background and the action item or link will be highlighted.

Using Peek

  • Press on what you’d like to peek at (message, email, web links, etc.)
  • The background will be blurred, and the message, email or web link will be highlighted.
  • Press, a little bit harder now, to peek at the item, which provides a preview with additional content.

iPhone 6s - 3D Touch - Peek

If the preview or peek was enough or you’re not interested in the item then:

  • Let go to dismiss the peek.

But it doesn’t end there. If you want to access Quick Actions:

  • Swipe up on the preview screen to see the list of options.

iPhone 6s - 3D Touch - Peek - Quick Actions

Slide left or right for more unique actions:

  • In the Mail app, swipe the preview or peek screen to the left to trash the message.

iPhone 6s - 3D Touch - Peek - Trash Mail

  • Swipe the preview or peek screen to the right to mark the message as Unread.

iPhone 6s - 3D Touch - Peek - Mark as Unread

Using Pop

  • If you want to drill in more, then press more firmly to “pop” into it.

Check out our hands-on video to get a much better idea of how it works:

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If you really want to get acquainted with Peek and Pop I would suggest messing around with as many applications as you can just to see what you can and cannot do.

Let us know what you think about Peek and Pop in the comment section.

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