How to remotely remove your credit card from Apple Pay

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 7 Apr 2015

Apple Pay

Apple Pay launched with much fanfare giving iPhone 6 or 6 Plus owners the chance to add their debit and credit cards to the pay service. These cards are virtually stored on the device and can be used in a growing list of stores and retailers. Adding cards is pretty simple, but if you lose your phone, switch cards, or have expired cards in Apple Pay you can easily remove them as well.

How to remotely remove your credit card from Apple Pay

To remove a card on your iPhone, go to Settings -> Passbook & Apple Pay, select the card you want to remove, and tap Remove Card at the bottom of the menu. That card is now removed. If you have added a card to multiple devices you will have to repeat this process on every device.

Apple Pay - Remove card - Settings

You can also remove a card from your phone by going into the Passbook application, selecting your card, tapping the (i) icon, and deleting the card from you phone.

Apple Pay - Remove card - Passbook

If that sounds cumbersome, you can remotely remove multiple cards from multiple devices through your iCloud account. Using your computer, head over to and log into your account.


Next, go to Settings and you will find your Apple items listed under My Devices. Devices with Apple Pay enabled will have a small Apple Pay icon.

iphone 6

Select a device with Apple Pay enabled and you will see a list of cards associated with that device. You can remove each card or select Remove All to remove all cards on the device. This process can be done for each device.

Apple Pay - Remove card - iCloud

Apple Pay - Remove card

Apple Pay is designed to be extremely secure and can only be used with your personal Touch ID, nevertheless, if you want to remove cards from your device you can do some remotely or directly on the phone. If you misplace your phone you can actually put all cards on hold by activating Lost Mode via Find My iPhone. This way you won’t have to reload all your cards if your phone is found. You can also deactivate your Apple Cards by calling your bank and directing them to do so.

How often do you use Apple Pay? Does being able to remotely remove cards quell any reservations you might have? Let us know what you think in the comments.