How to Update to Latest Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 20 May 2019

Chimera Jailbreak

The Electra jailbreaking team surprised everyone by releasing Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2. While there was already Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2 iPhones and iPads, it was relatively unstable in nature and lacked support for A12 Bionic devices like the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. In comparison, Chimera jailbreak is more polished and stable in nature and supports all A12 Bionic iPhones and iPads.

With the Electra team rolling out regular updates for Chimera jailbreak, most users who have already jailbroken their iPhone or iPad must be wondering as to how they could update their device to the latest Chimera release. If your jailbroken iPhone or iPad is running just fine with all your favorite tweaks, you can skip updating to the latest release of Chimera. However, if you are facing stability or compatibility issues with some jailbreak tweaks, go ahead and update to the latest Chimera release for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2.

The funny thing here is that we will be using Apple’s own Siri Shortcuts app and Siri to update Chimera jailbreak to the latest version on your iPhone or iPad. This will make the entire process automated and extremely easy.

Update to Latest Chimera Jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2

Step 1: Download Siri Shortcuts on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: In the package manager of your choice — Cydia or Sileo, add the following source:

Step 3: From the Incendo repo, install ReProvision on your iPhone or iPad. Open it and then proceed to login with your Apple ID credentials. Free account holders are eligible for only two active certificates so you might have to delete one certificate if you have reached that ceiling.

Step 4: Add this Chimera update shortcut to Siri Shortcuts. Simply tap on the link and Siri Shortcuts should open prompting you to add the shortcut.

Tap the Add to Siri button and record the key phrase “Update Chimera.” Proceed to save the Shortcut when you are done setting it up.

Step 5: Now, you can update to the latest Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2 on your iPhone or iPad by simply saying the following command to Siri:

“Hey Siri, Update Chimera”

Wait for a few seconds and you will be shown a Chimaera pop-up with the Install button. Tap on it to start the update process.

Yep, that’s about it. Whenever there’s a new Chimera release out, wait for a few hours and say the above command to Siri to update to the latest release.

Facing any issues while trying to update Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2 to its latest release? Drop a comment and we will help you out.

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