Hulu is Rolling Out its Live TV Guide

BY Evan Selleck

Published 9 May 2018

If you a subscriber to the Hulu Live TV service, then you are finally getting one of the most oft-requested features.

Today, Hulu began rolling out its live TV guide for monthly subscribers to the service. It works like any other standard guide, letting users quickly move from one channel to the next. It will also let users see what’s on right now before they actually switch to a channel, and also see what’s coming up next. It will also allow users to quickly record something right from the guide.

There is a new “recent channels” option as well, which will show each individual user the last ten channels they were watching. It should be a quick way to select your favorites, depending on how often you watch them. Finally, there is a new Live TV section that will automatically show you whatever is live right now, on whatever channel you were last watching.

Hulu says the new live TV guide is rolling out now on Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and the Nintendo Switch app. It will be coming to other devices “soon”, but Hulu isn’t giving any specific rollout dates just yet.

Our Take

While cord-cutting is a goal a lot of people are striving for, dropping the TV experience altogether isn’t the right way to go. These guides will help users keep that experience, even while they cut the cord on their traditional cable subscription, which is a good goal to be working towards.

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