iMessage is Currently Experiencing Issues [Update: Resolved]

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 20 May 2021

imessage experiencing issues

Just a few days after several iCloud apps faced issues, Apple on the System Status page has reported that some users are experiencing issues with iMessage. Due to the outage, some of the users are unable to send and receive messages on Apple iMessage.

Apple marks that the service might not be available to some users, or might be slow to work. The issue was first reported around 7:00 AM PT. Apart from iMessage, no other issues have been reported in Apple services. Several users took to social media to report the issue.

Apple services have been experiencing issues a lot more now. Last month, Apple services like iMessage, iCloud, and App Store were down. Back in February, services like Notes, and iCloud Backup were affected. In the same month, Apple Music also faced some downtime.

Right now, there’s not much you can do if you’re not able to send and receive iMessage on your Apple device. You can try restarting your iPhone, signing out of iMessage to fix the issue. But since Apple has officially noted that iMessage might not work for everybody, you might want to wait for Apple to fix the issue.

Going by Apple’s past record, the outage should be rectified in a few hours from now. We’ll update this page as and when the services resume.

Personally, I had some issues receiving iMessage from my friend. Not all the messages were getting through. This was when the Messages app was not open on our iPhones, but when both of us opened the app at the same time, we experienced no issues with it.

Are you experiencing any issues with iMessage? Do let us know in the comment section below!

Update: The issues have been resolved by Apple and you can use iMessage as normal.