This insane iPhone 7 concept has built-in air jets for drop protection

BY Killian Bell

Published 3 Dec 2015

iPhone 7 with air jets for drop protection

Apple patents have given us a glimpse into the company’s efforts to devise a drop protection system for the iPhone and other devices — but none of Cupertino’s ideas are as cool as this iPhone 7 concept, which features built-in air jets that ensure a comfortable landing on hard surfaces.

The iPhone itself doesn’t look drastically different to today’s iPhone 6s at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice two tiny air holes situated on each corner — one towards the front edge of the device, and one towards the back edge.

By working alongside the iPhone’s internal sensors, these jets spring into action when a drop is detected, releasing powerful streams of air from an internal tank that cushion the iPhone’s landing as it nears closer to the ground. Think of it as a built-in jet pack, which is refueled by tiny gas canisters.

Apple has been exploring all kinds of drop protection systems for iPhone over the years; it was recently awarded a patent for retractable bumpers that also serve as flotation devices to protect against water damage, and has even devised systems that can alter the flight of an iPhone to ensure it drops on one side that’s more robust than the others.

The air jet system seems outlandish, and it seems unlikely it would work without more powerful jets and more air — but there’s no denying it’s insanely cool. Wouldn’t you like an iPhone with built-in air jets?