Apple Facing a Pair of Class Action Lawsuits Over iPhone 7 Audio Issues

BY Evan Selleck

Published 7 May 2019

Apple is not a stranger to class action lawsuits. Some are more warranted than others. But they usually pop up with some frequency. The latest instance is actually two new class action lawsuits over the same issue: audio issues with iPhone 7 models.

MacRumors has the news on Tuesday, along with a look at the complaints. The audio issues with the iPhone 7 models is commonly referred to as “loop disease”, and it has many problems. First, there can be a grayed-out speaker button while on a call, and some owners complaining that they cannot be heard at all during a phone call. That includes times when customers use FaceTime Audio to make a call.

The two class action lawsuits were filed over the last week, according to the report. One was in the state of California, while the other was in the state of Illinois. The complaints allege that “the materials used in the iPhone’s external casing are insufficient and inadequate to protect the internal parts”. The plaintiffs believe that Apple knew this going in, and sold the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus anyway.

Moreover, Apple is being flagged for not offering free repairs for the issue (not including a limited repair program that cropped up), and also concealing the defect. The accusation states that Apple’s decisions violated multiple consumer protection laws in both states.

“The plaintiffs, including California residents Joseph Casillas and De’Jhontai Banks and Illinois residents Brianna Castelli, Karen Lyvers, and Matthew White, are seeking damages “likely in the millions of dollars” on behalf of all other affected iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus customers in the United States.

The plaintiffs are also seeking an order that requires Apple to repair, recall, and/or replace the affected iPhones and to extend the warranties of the devices for a reasonable period of time. A jury trial has been demanded.”

Apple, for its part, did acknowledge a “microphone issue” in certain iPhone 7 models following the iOS 11.3 update. That was in an internal document, however, but did describe the same issues that are filed in these class action lawsuits. That aforementioned repair program ended in July of 2018, so it was short lived.

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