The Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases for Every Level of Protection

BY George Tinari

Published 27 Jan 2017

If you search the web for the “best iPhone 7 case” you get a wide array of answers. The truth is there is no single best iPhone 7 case for anyone. It depends entirely on your needs. The best case for you might be something lightweight and stylish, while for someone else it could be something bulky that handles extreme weather conditions.

So what we’ve attempted to do is gather the single best iPhone 7 case in every level of protection — five levels, five cases. We start with an ultra-thin case and move all the way up into Lifeproof territory. Pick your desired protection and style and check out our top pick.

Ultra Thin and Light Protection: Totallee Scarf

We wrote a full review of the Totallee Scarf not too long ago. Basically, this is the iPhone 7 case you want if you don’t want a case. The Scarf is so unbelievably thin that when on, people who don’t know better might think it’s just part of the iPhone 7’s design. I’ve been using an iPhone for nine years and even I was shocked at how much it blends in. It’s made of a thin and flexible TPU and is made for light scratch protection and nothing else. The Scarf also has a very subtle lip around the back camera to protect that as well.

Buy Totallee Scarf for iPhone 7 on Amazon ($18.99)

Buy Totallee Scarf for iPhone 7 Plus on Amazon ($18.99)

Thin and Sturdy Protection: Caseology Savoy

Image credit: Caseology

The Caseology Savoy might be my favorite case of all time. I wore this for a solid six months or so on my old iPhone 6s and never received more compliments on a case in my life. I must have gotten at least a dozen. The iPhone 7 case features the exact same design as the predecessor. Coming in several colors, they all feature a shiny rose gold strip at the top and bottom with a matte color of your choice sandwiched in between. The Savoy case is made out of hard polycarbonate, but the inside has a sheet of microfiber material to prevent scratches. It also has a small lip around the front, important for protecting the screen. The Savoy is durable, stylish, and a great choice for minimalists who want a bit more.

Buy Caseology Savoy for iPhone 7 on Amazon ($13.99)

Buy Caseology Savoy for iPhone 7 Plus on Amazon ($13.99)

Mid-Range, Everyday Protection: Apple Leather Case

Image credit: Apple

It’s only fair to trust the people who make the iPhone 7 to make decent cases for it. Well the Apple Leather Case is more than decent — it’s a fantastic mid-range case. That is, it offers just about enough protection for the majority of customers. It protects against scratches, bumps, and maybe even light drops too. Plus the Leather Case is sleek as can be. I’m currently rocking the black color on my black iPhone 7 Plus and it looks tremendous, especially with the machined aluminum buttons on the sides. The Leather case, being made of authentic leather, isn’t cheap though. If you want a great mid-range alternative, try Apple’s Silicone Case for $10 less.

Buy Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7 ($45)

Buy Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus ($49)

Strong, Yet Sleek Protection: Spigen Tough Armor

Image credit: Spigen

This iPhone 7 case has been a popular pick for several years now among people who want solid protection without all the ugly. The Spigen Tough Armor is a good-looking case that’s also extremely durable. It’s a dual-layered flexible TPU for shock absorption with a hard polycarbonate shell surrounding it. The corners, often the most vulnerable parts of the iPhone, have air cushions within the case to handle harsh impacts. Tough Armor also comes in six colors including jet black. Perhaps the best part is despite how sturdy and protective this case is, you can get it for under 20 bucks.

Buy Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 7 on Amazon ($14.99)

Buy Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 7 Plus on Amazon ($15.99)

Ultimate Drop Protection: Otterbox Defender

Image credit: Otterbox

I’m sorry devout Lifeproofers, the Otterbox Defender iPhone 7 case is still the gold standard in iPhone protection especially for the price. I’ve seen drop tests on YouTube with people flinging their iPhones out of multi-story windows to find them perfectly in tact on the ground below. The Defender handles scratches, bumps, drops, and dust with ease. While it has never been anything close to a fashion statement, it does come in several colors and designs. The polycarbonate shell on the inside, thick shockproof silicone layer on the outside, plus full screen protection make this the ultimate rugged case.

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