iOS 13 Bugs Discovered or Reported So Far

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Sep 2019

iOS 13 Bugs

iOS 13 is a feature-packed release and its clear that in the process of adding so many new features, stability and bug-fixing ended up taking a backseat for Apple. The public release of iOS 13 is filled with a number of bugs and issues which might make you reconsider installing the update on your device.

What’s surprising is that Apple released the Golden Master build of iOS 13 last week and it was filled with a number of bugs. The public build of iOS 13 is the same as the Golden Master build despite being released to the public after a week,

The iOS 13.1 release is scheduled for release at the end of this month and that should also fix a number of bugs that one will come across in the final stable release of iOS 13.

List of iOS 13 Bugs 

Unstable Mail App

The Mail app has been buggy right since the first beta of iOS 13 and that continues with the Golden Master build of the OS as well. The app works very slowly, refuses to check for new mails, or just ends up showing a blank white page.

If you have multiple accounts synced with the Mail app, it will not pull mails from your secondary accounts.

Broken Smart Invert

The Smart Invert feature is broken in iOS 13. It ends up showing a white keyboard in Safari instead of a dark one. Similarly, it ends up showing white UI elements in places where it should show a dark UI.

3D Touch in Messages App

If you 3D Touch a contact photo in the Messages app, it will crash the app and bring you back to the home screen.

Indexing Taking a Long Time

Make sure to leave your iPhone plugged in overnight after installing the iOS 13 update as the indexing process for photos and Messages can take a very long time. This can cause the two apps to behave weirdly or just straight up crash.

Reminders Sharing is Broken

If you try and share a reminder from the new Reminders app, the app will end up crashing.

Excessive Battery Drain

Many users have reported excessive battery drain after updating their iPhone to iOS 13. This is due to the fact that the indexing process goes on in the background which causes high CPU usage. You should restart your iPhone after updating it to iOS 13 and then let it sit idle for a few hours as that will possibly fix this issue.

Lockscreen Bypass Bug

This is among the more serious bug that allows one to bypass the lock screen of your iPhone running iOS 13 and access contact information. Below is a video showing the bug in action.

iOS 13 has plenty of other bugs and we will continue updating this post as and when we come across them. What are some other bugs that you have encountered in iOS 13? Drop a comment and share them with our readers!


On September 24, Apple released iOS 13.1 which includes several bug fixes and improvements. Here’s the list of bugs fixed in iOS 13.1, check it out to find out if your bug has been resolved.