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BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 3 Jun 2019

iOS 13 What's New Featured

At the WWDC keynote, Apple finally revealed the new iOS 13 operating system for the iPhone. It’s choke full of little features and one or two big reveals. First of all, there’s a separate OS for iPad now, called iPadOS. We’ll be talking about that in a separate article. Here, we’ll run through a list of everything that’s new in iOS 13 for iPhone. We’ll be updating the list as we find out about new features.

iOS 13 Features: Everything That’s New

1. Dark Mode

iOS 13 Hero 5

The biggest feature for iOS 13 is the new Dark Mode. This is truly system-wide. It stretches from the Lock screen to the widgets screen to Apple’s own apps. Even the keyboard gets a better version of the dark mode.

Dark mode can be enabled easily from the Control Center.

2. 30% Faster Face ID Unlock

iOS 13 Face ID

Something that will be noticeable instantly for iPhone X and above is that Face ID unlocked more than 30% faster.

3. Better Performance

Apple is continuing the focus on performance from iOS 12. The apps now launch twice as fast. And app downloads will be 50% smaller while app updates will be over 60% smaller.

4. New Reminders App

Apple rewrote the Reminders app from the ground-up. First of all, it’s much easier to create reminders using Natural Language Processing. Just write the reminder and the app figures out things about time and date.

5. Redesigned Photo Viewing Experience

iOS 13 Photos App New View

Apple has updated the Photos app to help you bring out the best photos. If you switch to the Days tab, you’ll now see only the top picks from the given day. It will hide the screenshots and other kinds of photos. The same goes for the month view. The Year view is quite interesting because it shows the photo from the same day in the preview box for the given year. This way you can just scroll and see a photo from the day dating back to when you started using your iPhone.

6. New Photo Editor

iOS 13 New Photo Editor

Apple has finally redesigned the Photos app editor as well. It’s a much simpler view. You tap on the control at the top and then use the slider below to edit it. It’s similar to the Instagram app. While the photo editor has all the current controls, it also adds new ones for highlights, vibrance, and more.

7. New Video Editor

iOS 13 Video Editor

Using the new video editor in Photos app you can easily crop, rotate or add filters to a video.

8. Redesigned Volume HUD

iOS 13 Volume HUD Screenshot

The new Volume HUD appears in the top-left corner of the screen in an unintrusive manner. It first shows up as a full sized slide. But it immediately shrinks and becomes unintrusive.

9. Redesigned Health App

iOS 13 Health App New

The redesigned health app has a new highlights section that shows new insightful data.

10. Menstrual Cycle Tracking in Health App

iOS 13 Health App Cycle Tracking

The Health app now lets women track their menstrual health using the Health app. You can log your period, flow level, symptoms like craps and headaches.

11. New Start Page in Safari

iOS 13 New Safari Design

New Start page in safari includes favorites, frequently visited and recently visited websites.

12. Download Manager in Safari

iOS 13 Safari Download Manager

You can check the status of a file you’re downloading, and access all downloaded files.

13. iCloud Drive Folder Sharing in Files App

You can now share a whole iCloud Drive folder with other users using the Files app.

14. Access External Storage and SD Cards in Files App

You can connect a USB drive or an SD Card reader to an iPhone using a converter cable to access all the files right there.

15. Smarter Share Sheet

iOS 13 New Share Sheet Design

Share sheet in iOS 13 has one tap suggestions for sharing a photo or document with some who is in the photo. There’s a new actions bar that comes up based on the content.

16. Gesture Typing in Keyboard

iOS 13 Gesture Typing

The new QuickPath feature brings gesture-based typing to the iOS 13 keyboard.

17. Time Synced Lyrics in Music App

Music app now shows lyrics like in the Musixmatch app. They are time synced and look beautiful.

18. New Gallery View in Notes

There’s a new Gallery view in Notes app that just shows attachments from all notes making it easy to pick out photos and scanned documents.

19. Mail App Gets Text Formatting Support

iOS 13 Mail App

Mail app gets desktop level text formatting support. You can change the font, font size, color, indentation and more right in the compose box.

20. Single Use Location Sharing

Apple has a new option for location sharing that only lets the app get access to your location once.

21. Background Tracking Alerts

iOS 13 will alert you if an app is tracking your location in the background.

22. Sign in With Apple

iOS 13 Sign in With Apple

Sign in with Apple will let users create an account in an app or a website without giving out any personal information. Apple will authenticate the user with Face ID or Touch ID and that will be it.

Optionally, an app can ask for the email address for the user. Here too Apple can generate a unique email address for every app and then forward you the email from

23. HomeKit Secure Video

iOS 13 HomeKit Security Camera

HomeKit Secure Video technology will be integrated with upcoming security cameras. With this, the video will be encrypted first on a local Apple device at the home, then it will be sent to Apple servers. Then the user will get the notification about the activity. Apple will store 10 days of video on iCloud and it will not be counted against iCloud storage.

24. Memoji Sticker for Everyone

Memoji Stickers

Memoji creation has been democratized. Memoji can be created on any iOS device with an A9 chip or higher. Once a Memoji is created, Apple will automatically create a sticker pack for it.

Not only is the sticker pack available in the iMessage app, but it’s also integrated into the default keyboard. So you can send stickers to third-party apps like WhatsApp as well.

25. Memoji Creation Gets Very Diverse

Memoji New Customizations

Memoji now features new hairstyles, headwear, makeup, piercings, and accessories.

26. Portrait Lighting Improvements

Portrait Lighting adjustments can be made right in the camera app to move the light closer or farther from the subject.

27. New High-Key Mono Portrait Lighting Effect

This effect creates a beautiful, monochromatic look for Portrait mode photos.

28. Siri Reads and Replies to Incoming Messages on AirPods

When you get incoming messages Siri will automatically read the message to you and will ask if you want to reply to it. Speak your reply and it will be sent.

29. Audio Sharing on AirPods

iOS 13 Share AirPods

If two users have AirPods and iPhones, one iPhone can share the audio to the second pair of AirPods easily and securely.

30. HandOff for HomePod

If you bring your iPhone close to the HomePod while you’re listening to podcasts, music or on a call, it can be quickly handed off to the HomePod. When leaving, you can take the playback back to the iPhone.

31. Live Radio Stations for HomePod

You can now ask HomePod to play one of 100,000 live radio stations from around the world.

32. Multi-User Support for HomePod

Multi-user support finally comes to the HomePod. And it works for music suggestions, Messages, Notes, Calendar, Phone and more.

33. Redesigned 3 Pane Dashboard for CarPlay

iOS 13 New CarPlay UI

CarPlay’s dashboard has been redesigned. On the left is the sidebar with the most recent apps. Then there’s the maps view in the middle and in the left is a list of suggested actions.

34. New Calendar App for CarPlay

iOS 13 New Calendar in CarPlay

There’s a new Calendar view in CarPlay, in dark mode so you can see your appointments at a glance.

35. Siri Works with Third Party apps on CarPlay

Siri in CarPlay can now work with third-party apps like Waze and Pandora.

36. Shortcuts App Built into iOS 13

Apple is so committed to the Shortcuts app that it comes built into iOS 13.

37. New Automatic Suggestions for Creating Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts app’s Gallery has a new section for automatically suggesting shortcuts based on your behavior.

38. New, Better Siri Voice

The new Siri voice is created completely from text-to-speech and isn’t based on snippets of recording. This means it’s a lot more pleasing to the ears.

39. iMessage Gets Separate Display Picture Management

iOS 13 Messages Photos

Similar to WhatsApp, users will now be able to set a separate photo and a display name for iMessage. The can also decide who can see the details and who can’t.

40. Set Frequent Locations in Maps App

You’ll now be able to set frequent locations in Apple Maps app (like home and work) to make it easier to navigate there.

41. Create Groups of Frequent Places

To make it easier to start Apple Maps navigation for places that are not your home or work, Maps app will now let you create special groups of frequent locations, where you can even add photos to make them easier to recognize.

42. Maps App Gets Its Own Street View

iOS 13 Maps Look Around Street View

The new Look Around feature in Maps is similar to Street View. When the data is available you can see what the place looks like and even quickly zoom around from one place to another in the Look Around view.

43. Share ETA Using Maps App

Maps app lets you share your ETA from the navigation screen to any available app.

44. Voice Control

Voice Control is a new accessibility feature that allows the user to control the whole device using just the voice. In this mode, the user can ask the iPhone to open apps, take actions like pressing a button or enter text and more. The audio is constantly working in the background and is processed on the device.

45. New Find My App

The weirdly named app is the amalgamation of the Find my iPhone And Find my Friends app. And it works with finding even devices that are offline.

It uses Bluetooth beacons that send encrypted traffic from one device to another in the network.

46. Font Management

iOS 13 will let you download and manage fonts from popular databases right on your iPhone. These fonts will show up in compatible apps like the Mail app and more.

47. Drag Scrollbar

When you’re in Safari or other supported apps, you’ll be able to grab the scrollbar from the right edge of the screen and drag it to move around the page.

48. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Selection in Control Center

Control Center Wi-Fi Toggles

Finally, Apple is letting users switch between different Wi-Fi networks right from the Control Center.

49. Communication Boundaries Feature in Screen Time

This new feature helps you set limits based on your contacts. You can limit the communications to only your contacts when Screen Time is active. And during Downtime, it can be restricted to just specific contacts.

50. New Reply Screen in Mail App

When you press the reply button you’ll see a new sheet. It will have buttons for Reply, Forward, Delete, Flag, Unread, Move and Archive.

51. New Battery Charging Setting

iOS 13 Optimized Battery Charging

There’s a new option in Battery Health called Optimized Battery Charging. This helps reduce battery aging. The iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.

52. New Switch for Silent Mode

iOS 13 New Ringer Switch Animation

The intrusive HUD for ringer switch is gone as well. Now you’ll see a pill-shaped drop-down when you enable and disable Silent mode.

53. New Setting For Downloading Apps over Cellular

Apple has removed the 200MB Cellular Data limit for app downloads. When an app is over 200MB it will ask if you want to download it anyway. But there’s a setting where you can permanently disable this limit.

54. Wi-Fi Settings Get a Low Data Mode

There’s a new Low Data mode for connected Wi-Fi network that will help recude data usage for the network.

55. New 3D Touch Menu for Photos

When you 3D Touch a photo in the Photos app you’ll see a new contextual menu with options to copy, favorite and share the photo.

56. New Automation Feature in Shortcuts

iOS 13 Shortcuts Automation

Shortcuts is getting real automation feature in iOS 13. You can finally set up a complex shortcut that is enabled automatically at a given time or at a given location.

57. NFC Tag Support for Shortcuts

Shortcuts also gets support for NFC tags. So you can start a Shortcut by tapping an NFC tag against your iPhone.

58. Birthday mode in Photos App

If you add someone’s birthday in the Contacts app, the Photos tab will highlight your photos of them on their birthday.

59. Control Intensity of Filters in Photos App

When you’re applying a filter in the Photos app, you can now control the intensity as well.

60. Conversational Shortcuts

Shortcuts will now interact with your apps in a conversational way.

61. Manually Toggle Untrusted Shortcuts

There’s a new toggle in Shortcuts settings called Untrusted Shortcuts. You’ll need to enable it to install shortcuts that are downloaded from the web.

62. New Relationship Labels in Contacts

You can now choose from hundreds of new specific relationship labels to better manage your contact book.

63. Block Sender in Mail

You can block all email from a specified sender. New emails from them will go directly to Trash.

64. Multicolored Flags in Mail

Choose from an array of new colorful flags when you flag an email.

65. New Checklist Options in Notes

Quickly reorder checklist items using drag and drop, swipe to indent items, and move checked items to the bottom.

66. Nested Folders for iOS devices

While this was always possible on macOS, it didn’t work on the iPhone and iPad. You can now create a nested folder structure on iOS and iPadOS devices.

67. Share Notes as View Only

You can now share a note as a view-only option. This way they can only see your note and can’t edit it.

68. Jump to Open Tab from Smart Search

This is going to be very useful on the iPad. If you can’t find where a particular tab is, just type the tab name in the Smart Search field. Press enter and instead of loading the page again, Safari will take you to the open tab.

69. New Email Sharing Options

Now, when you’re sharing a web page from Safari to Mail, you can share it as a web link, a PDF or a Reader View text from the Share sheet.

70. Shuffle and Repeat Buttons Moved Again

iOS 13 Up Next and Repeat in Apple Music

The Now Playing screen in Apple Music has been redesigned. Features are no longer hidden behind the scrolling menu. While that’s the great news, it also means that Shuffle and Repeat buttons have been moved again.

And even this time they are hidden and quite small. You’ll have to tap on the Up Next button and then find the Shuffle and Repeat icons next to the Up Next title.

71. Pinch to Zoom in Voice Memos App

You can pinch to zoom the waveform in the Voice Memos app to quickly navigate a long voice recording.

72. Set a Custom Schedule for Dark Mode

iOS 13 Dark Mode Custom Schedule

Apple highlighted the fact that you can automatically turn on Dark mode based on sunrise and sunset. But you can actually go in and set a custom schedule as well.

73. Combined App Limits in Screen Time

You can now set an App Limit that is a combination of app categories, specific apps, and websites. This gives you a lot more freedom.

74. 30 Days Usage Data in Screen Time

A big and needed update to Screen Time. Usage Data will go back as far as 30 days now instead of just 7 days. This will help you see trends more clearly.

75. Communication Limits in Screen Time

Communication Limits feature will let parents set limits as to who their kids can communicate with over iMessage and calls. They can set different limits for daytime and for Downtime period.

76. New One More Minute Option in Screen Time

There’s a new One More Minute option in Screen Time when your app time is up. This will give you just one minute to save your work or just to refer to something quickly.

77. USB-C Dongle Indicator

There’s a new USB-C dongle or cable indicator for iPad Pros that shows when a USB-C device is connected.

78. New Timer Page UI

iOS 13 New Timer UI

There’s a new UI when you start a new timer. You’ll see a circle around the countdown timer which visually shows you how much time is left. And it also shows the time at which the timer will go off.

79. Apple Music Alerts If Song Is Already in Playlist

Apple Music will now alert you when you try to add a song that is already in the playlist.

80. New Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi

You’ll find a new Low Data mode in the Wi-Fi network page. This will reduce the app data usage when using a particular network.

81. Info Panel in Messages Separates Media Types

There’s a new Info panel for attachments in Messages app and it separates content based on media types.

82. Add Attachments to Events in the Calendar

You can now add attachments when creating events in the new Calendar app.

83. Official Siri Support For Third Party Music, Podcasts and Audiobook Apps

This is going to be quite exciting in the Fall. Siri will have official support for third-party music apps, podcast apps, and audiobook apps. So in theory, you’ll be able to as Spotify to play some music, or ask Overcast to resume a podcast episode.

84. New Place for Updates Tab

Thanks to the new Arcade tab, the Updates tab in App Store has been moved. It’s now a section in the Account screen. You’ll need to tap on your Profile icon, then select Account to view all available app updates.

85. Delete Apps from Update Tab

When you’re in the Updates tab, you’ll be able to swipe left on an app update to reveal the Delete button. This will delete the entire app, not just the update notification.

86. Scan Documents Directly in Files App

Tap the Menu button at the top of the Files app to see a new Scan Documents feature. This works similar to how it does in the Notes app.

87. Separate Icons for Globe and Emoji Buttons

This little change makes things much simpler. In iPhone X and higher, the Globe key is now detached from the keyboard and is now replaced with a persistent emoji button. This gives you quick access to all your emojis and you no longer need to tap and hold the Globe button to switch keyboards every time.

88. Persistent Connectivity for Hotspot

This change will be appreciated by Mac users who rely on their iPhone for an internet connection. Apple has reworked the Personal Hotspot process so that it doesn’t immediately disable itself when your Mac is inactive. It stays on in the background for a while. This little change will reduce the frustration of using an iPhone as a hotspot.

89. Accessibility in Main Settings Screen

Accessibility is now a main section in Settings. And each sub-section in Accessibility gets an icon. The whole section has been reshuffled and features are now paired in sensible buckets.

90. Redesigned Markup Toolset

The redesigned markup tool is great to use on the iPad. It can now be moved anywhere on the screen. Plus, there are new tools for quickly selecting a part of the image or the screen using your Apple Pencil.

91. Automatically Close Safari Tabs

A new feature in settings lets you automatically close open Safari tabs after a set idle time.

92. Shortcuts Show up Directly in Share Sheet

Now that Shortcuts app is integrated in iOS 13, all your shortcuts will show up directly as a list in the Share sheet.

93. Tabs Across iOS 13 Have a New Look

A side effect of dark mode means that elements with depth had to be redesigned. Apple has updated the look of the tabs view to add depth and texture.

94. Use PS4 and Xbox Controllers on iPhone and iPad

You can now connect your game controller to your iPhone or iPad and use them to play games. This works both for local games with controller support and for playing console games using a streaming app.

95. Website Siri Suggestions in Safari

There’s a Siri Suggestions section in Safari that will automatically suggest links from other apps. Say someone sent you a link in the Messages app, it will show up here.

96. Per-Site Settings for Safari

This is a great feature for both iPhone and iPad users. You can now have per-site settings for every website. You can choose to always open a site in desktop view, automatically open in reader view, set zoom size and even revoke permission to access microphone or camera on a per-site basis.

97. Add Multiple Sites at Bookmarks at Once

When you tap and hold on the Bookmarks button you’ll see an option to add all open tabs as a bookmark. They’ll be added to a new folder. And if you use haptic touch on the folder icon, you can also open all bookmarks from the folder at once.

98. Multiple Search Terms in the Photos App

Just like Google Photos, you can now search in Photos app using multiple search terms.

99. Searching in Mail is Easier

When you open the Mail app, the Search bar is now pinned to the top. No need to scroll around to find it.

100. Insights for Every Activity in Health App

Health app in iOS 13 is way smarter. When you open an activity or a stat, you’ll see insights about the data as you scroll down. Apple will show you how you’re doing compared to last month, year and so on.

101. New UI for Home App Accessory Controls

The Home app has a slightly refreshed UI for using accessory controls. They’re now way more colorful.

Check out the hands-on video by our friend, Cody Crouch to see all the new iOS 13 features in action:

Your Favorite iOS 13 Features?

What are your favorite features from iOS 13?

You can download iOS 13 beta right now to check it out on your iPhone and iPad. If you need help, you can check our post on how to install iOS 13 beta for the step-by-step instructions.

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Last Updated: June 20th.