iOS 13: All The New Features in Health App

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 17 Sep 2019

The Health app in iOS 13 gets a new dynamic Summary view with detailed insights and long-term charts. There’s also a new menstrual cycle tracking feature that is privacy-focused. Here are all the awesome new features in the Health app.

Health App in iOS 13: All the New Features

1. Cycle Tracking Features

iOS 13 Health App Cycle Tracking

The Health app has a new flagship feature. Which is menstrual health tracking. You can use this feature to track your periods and period-related health information. You can input your period data, and related symptoms.

Log your period, including flow level, symptoms like cramps and headaches, and whether or not you experienced spotting. And log key fertility metrics, including basal body temperature and ovulation test results.

The Health app will then analyze this data and will share useful information as notifications.

You can view a prediction for when your period is likely to begin and end in each cycle for the next three cycles. You’ll also receive a notification when your fertile window is approaching.

2. New Summary View

When you open the Health app, you’ll see a new Summary view. This is a list of favorite metrics presented in a dynamic list.

3. Edit The Summary View

You can tap on the Edit button to add or change metrics that show up in the Summary view.

4. Highlights

The Health app now automatically highlights important data from the apps, devices, and trackers that you use the most.

5. New Interactive Charts and Filters

You can view historical data by hour, day, week, month or year. You can also filter other data as an overlay. Like the historical average, daily average and more.

6. New Profile Page

There’s a new profile page for the user that includes your Medical ID, connected apps and services.

7. Audiograms

You can track the audiograms from the hearing tests that you’ve done.

8. Activity Trends

This is a new smart feature in Health that analyses all your data and puts them into contextual, easy to understand charts. For instance, you can get a long term view of your progress with one metric. You can compare the last 90 days with the last 1 year and so on.

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