iPad Air explodes in Australia, fire department had to be called in to contain the smoke

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 8 Nov 2013

Batteries are dangerous little pieces of technology. With hundreds of millions of them being made every year, it’s no surprise that a handful of them contain defects. It’s also a bit unfortunate when Apple’s devices fall victim to these busted batteries, but s**t happens. One Australian Vodafone store in the city of Canberra that has the new iPad air on display, like every store that sells technology should, and all of a sudden it got a little bit wonky.

By wonky we mean it started spitting out sparks and smoke. So much in fact that the people in the store had to call the fire department to get things under control. According to The Daily Mail, Apple immediately sent someone to the store to put up the defective unit. We can only assume that a whole bunch of testing will take place to find out just what the hell happened. The A7 chip is smoking fast, but when it actually starts smoking, that doesn’t exactly make for good PR.

Should you worry about your iPad? No. Like we said earlier, so many batteries come out of factories that defects like this are bound to happen. We’ve seen iPhones explodes, Samsung phones explode, Dell laptops explode, Sony laptops explode, and the list just goes on and on. Apple being such a high profile company, when one of their gadgets explodes, the entire internet will make sure you know about it.