Official iPhone SE and iPad Air 5 Wallpapers Available for Download

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 14 Mar 2022

iPhone SE 3 iPad Air 5 wallpapers

At the Peek performance event earlier this month, Apple pulled the wraps off its iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, and green color iPhone 13 models at the Peek performance event. Ahead of the retail availability of these new launches, you can download their accompanying wallpapers and give your existing iPhone or iPad a refreshing new look.

Wallpapers for the green iPhone 13 models were released last week. Now, the beautiful backgrounds that Apple showcased with the iPhone SE 3 and M1-powered iPad Air 5 can be yours to show off.

If you plan to buy the iPhone SE 3 or iPad Air 5 later this week, you will get these wallpapers with your new device. However, Apple just released iOS 15.4, and wallpapers for the iPhone SE 3 accompany the update. Wallpapers for both devices have a light mode and a dark mode.

2022 iPhone SE 3 Wallpapers

iPad Air 5 Wallpapers

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