Report: Apple Cancels iPhone SE 4 for 2024

BY Sriansh

Published 7 Jan 2023

iPhone SE 4

Apple has canceled the plans to launch iPhone SE 4 next year, according to a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo had previously suggested that the fourth-generation iPhone SE might be canceled or postponed. However, he now believes with certainty that the device has been canceled.

Initially, Apple had planned to launch its own baseband chip in 2024 and use it in the low-end iPhone SE 4 as a test run. Depending on the performance of the chip, the company would then decide whether to use it in the iPhone 16. However, concerns over the chip’s ability to meet the required standards led to the cancelation of the iPhone SE 4.

This development is expected to be a major win for Qualcomm, which will likely remain the exclusive supplier of baseband chips for the second half of 2024’s new iPhone 16 series. Kuo also states that this will result in markedly higher profits for Qualcomm compared to its competitors.

Apple has been known to be working on an in-house 5G modem for quite some time now. The Cupertino-giant aims to replace Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G chips in the coming years. However, it seems that the company has experienced delays in this development and will continue to utilize Qualcomm modems for the time being.

The iPhone SE 4, which was rumored to have a 6.1-inch LCD or OLED display and a notch similar to current iPhone models, was leaked in August by popular leaker Jon Prosser. It would have been the first SE-series smartphone without a Touch ID Home button, instead adopting either Face ID or a Touch ID power button.

Source: Medium